WavesNZ is a voluntary and charitable organisation founded in 1988. Its members include an increasing number of parents, caregivers, health professionals and other adults who have concerns about the safety and efficacy of vaccines, wish to make an informed decision about whether or not to vaccinate themselves or their children; and wish to maintain their right to choose to vaccinate or not.

WAVESnz believes that:

• natural immunity is superior to artificial immunity;

• human milk is the best immune stimulator during the first year of life;

• a healthy diet and lifestyle more effectively prevent disease than artificial immunity;

• most childhood illnesses serve to strengthen and mature the child’s immune system and provide lifelong immunity; the vast majority of childhood infections are benign and self-limiting in a healthy child.

What we do:

• provide information to people so that they can make informed decisions about vaccination;

• campaign to ensure continued freedom of choice regarding vaccination;

• debate vaccination issues through symposia, displays, seminars and the media.