101 reasons to NOT vaccinate – Part 2

101-reasons-to-not-vaccinateThis blog continues on from last week’s “101 reasons NOT to vaccinate – part 1,” where we got up to reason number 38. This week we keep counting the reasons – there are another 63 reasons to go. Bear in mind that I didn’t actually have 101 reasons when I started this blog series, but knowing that vaccines are so incredibly harmful, I figured it couldn’t be very hard to actually find 101 reasons…and it is turning out to be just as easy as if I was writing a blog entitled “101 reasons NOT to smoke.”

Just as the tobacco companies were trying to hide the truth about the harms of smoking for so many decades, I truly believe that the pharmaceutical companies’ time for deception is about to come to an end. Very soon, everyone will know how harmful vaccines are….not just the few who are informed of the dangers.

If this blog was to be titled “reasons TO vaccinate,” it would only have one single point under it – and that is that the medical profession will call you a “good parent” if you vaccinate your children.

But I digress….here, for your reading pleasure, we kick off with reason number 39:

39. Reason number 39 really should have been reasons numbers 1 through to 101 and    beyond…and that is that the medical profession still has no clue how the immune system really works, let alone understand the fragile immune system of a 6-week old baby! Do you really think it’s a wise idea to inject foreign DNA, heavy metals, antibiotics, GMO’s, preservatives, etc. into something if you don’t know how it works? (Read this excellent blog by Hilary Butler: http://www.beyondconformity.co.nz/_blog/Hilary’s_Desk/post/Eminence_based_medicine,_part_2/)
40. Vaccines are NOT “free,” like the Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical companies, doctors, etc. would have us believe. They cost the NZ tax payer millions! Oh, and we also have to pay for the damage they cause.
41. Pharmaceutical companies cannot be trusted! Yes, I know I mentioned it in reason number 15, but just wanted to throw it in here again – this time with a fantastic video interview with Dr Russell Blaylock on fraudulent vaccine science and ethics – a must watch: http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=DFBE7C32CBDBF43B7342333B7D827EB0
42. Oh and if you need some more evidence of the untrustworthiness of pharmaceutical companies, read the book entitled “Diary of a Legal Drug Dealer” – http://diaryofalegaldrugdealer.com/category/1/2-2/
43. Vaccination bypasses all the body’s natural defence systems – it’s a totally unnatural process – something we were not designed to have to deal with.
44. Antibiotics are blamed for creating superbugs, yet they are routinely added to vaccines!
45. Big Pharma keeps on increasing the amount of recommended “boosters” as it’s just such a fabulous way for them to make more money without having to do any extra work. See this excellent blog: http://www.beyondconformity.co.nz/BlogRetrieve.aspx?PostID=295040&A=SearchResult&SearchID=5182822&ObjectID=295040&ObjectType=55)
46. There is no consideration for a child’s mass when they are given a vaccine – a 6-week old baby is given the same dose as a 5 year old (read more at this blog http://www.ias.org.nz/vaccines/chemicals-in-vaccines-part-1-aluminium/)
47. Even an Immunologist with a PhD admits that vaccines “compromiseour natural immunity!”  Buy an e-copy of Dr Obukhanych’s book “Vaccine Illusion” to find out more – https://sites.google.com/site/vaccineillusion/home
48. Childhood illnesses actually help to strengthen a child’s immune system.
49. The short term immunity that is sometimes gained from vaccination in childhood only means it is much harder for the body to deal with when that immunity has waned and you get the illness as an adult,.
50. Reason number 50 comes from the IAS’s informative brochure, which can be downloaded free here: http://www.ias.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/ias-brochure-2011.pdf

“Vaccines are commonly believed to work by producing antibodies. However, a number of researchers have found that the presence of antibodies only indicates that the immune system has come into contact with an antigen.”

What this means is that we are told of vaccines producing antibodies, which in turn will protect us against disease, is a lie! The presence of antibodies does NOT equal immunity!We know what the signs and symptoms of the so called “vaccine preventable” diseases (e.g. measles, influenza, pertussis etc.) are. We know the best the treatments (natural or pharmaceutical) for each. However, once vaccinated, possible side effects from the vaccinations (all noted in the insert leaflets) are many and various, and may or may not be successfully dealt with.

If after these 50 reasons you are still not convinced that vaccination is the biggest scam that the human race has been conned into for the past 200 years, then don’t worry, there are another 50 reasons to come!