Are non-vaccinators intellectually superior?

Are non-vaccinators intellectually superior…or do they simply have better motherly instincts?

I do not believe non-vaccinators consider themselves intellectually superior. The fact that Shelley Bridgeman chose her provocative title “Non-vaccinators believe they’re intellectually superior” based on the comments of two people, are obviously purely for sensation.

You can read her full article here:

I find it really interesting that Shelley is so quick to point the finger to people who have chosen not to inject their children with a cocktail of toxins, aka vaccines, when she herself didn’t have the guts to take her daughter for her shots.

Shelley wrote a piece about hands-on dads in February 2012 ( when she included that her husband had to take their daughter for all her vaccinations because “I didn’t want to witness the injections.”

If vaccines are so great, why didn’t you want to witness them Shelley? Surely you should be celebrating the moment that needle goes into your daughter’s tiny little body, because it means she’s “protected” from disease right? Was there something in your motherly instincts which made you doubt that it was the right thing to do, or what was your reason for not wanting to witness your child being vaccinated?

Then again, this is the same mother who paid for an extra room at Birthcare in Parnell, so that her husband and newborn baby could sleep in a different room to her as she wanted some uninterrupted sleep…so maybe motherly instincts are not her strong suit?

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve just about had enough of smug pro-vaccinators who try to make non-vaccinating families out to be the “bad guys.” Shelley’s article mentions the 7-year-old unvaccinated boy who was hospitalised for tetanus. While I have the deepest sympathy for the boy and his family, this is yet another classic case of the media going into a frenzy over an unvaccinated child contracting a so-called “vaccine preventable disease.” If that boy had been vaccinated, the story would never even have made it into the papers, let alone be headline news!

It’s time for the pro-vaccination lobby to stop their bullying of non-vaccinating families. New Zealand’s Bill of Rights state that we all have the right to refuse medical treatment – this includes vaccination! If vaccines were really the safe, effective medical treatment it is made out to be, then everyone would be lining up to get them and no one would have to be bullied or made to feel guilty for choosing not to vaccinate. As it stands, vaccine injuries and deaths occur on a daily basis and everyone has a right to question – and refuse – vaccination.

Well-known Kiwi, Jude Dobson, once thought as Shelley Bridgeman did, until her child suffered a vaccine reaction. She wrote the following in The Aucklander: “I remember thinking that anyone who didn’t vaccinate their child was irresponsible and possibly a little weird. Then our first child suffered a reaction to her 6-week vaccine that made her collapse in a shock-like state.”

Many commenters on Shelley’s article were also quick to point out that non-vaccinating families are putting others at risk. If vaccines were so effective, then surely those families that vaccinate their children have nothing to worry about as the vaccine will “protect” them. And for those that point out that non-vaccinating families put those who are too young to be vaccinated at risk, well, if you’re really that worried, then stay at home for the first 6 weeks of your baby’s life before sending them off for their shots.

Each of us is responsible for the health and well-being of our own families, not for that of the “herd.” Those who claim that 95%-100% of a population has to be vaccinated in order for “herd immunity” to protect us, are quick to forget this one important point: When a child suffers a permanent disability due to a vaccine reaction, the “herd” won’t be there 24/7 to take care of that child. It will be the family of that vaccine damaged child whose lives will be changed forever, as they have to plan their future and finances around the care of that child.

The comments are now closed on Shelley’s article, but luckily there was one clear-thinking poster who managed to get their voice across. I will leave you with this post from “Copernicus” to mull over:

To those throwing stones: The medical literature clearly shows that:

“Your” choice to have a caesarian, causes incorrect gut flora for years; significant immune system dysfunction, and parenting issues. “Your” choice to formula feed causes massive physiological disadvantage to your baby, even through into their 80’s. “Your” choice to use pamol in your child for every fever, toothache and just because they are awake, has significant effects on the cellular immune system of that child. “Your” choice to feed your children junk food, significantly increases asthma, allergies, and obesities. “Your” choice to allow your children coca-cola and other phosphoric acid drinks regularly, causes significant thinning in their bone density. “Your” choice to raise children who think binge drinking is cool, causes significant harm not only to your child, but to others and the taxpaper.

The vast majority of people in the corridors of hospital suffering self-inflicted lifestyle problems, annoying A & E staff, and chewing up taxpayers money are fully vaccinated people, with an opinion on everyone else, except themselves.”