Autism After Vaccination

Autism After Vaccination

Kyle’s Story, as told by his Mum, Marie Geary

Taking away the foods that Kyle had a craving / addiction for was no easy task. There was a fairly dramatic withdrawal reaction – Kyle woke up in the middle of the night and acted as if heavily drugged. He was definitely in a world of his own. He started to drag his forehead on the carpet. I was in complete tears every night. It was hard to watch my baby go through this.

The initial die-off only lasted one week. After a month, Kyle was catching up. He was now more consistent with his eye contact. He started to point at things he wanted, if not ask for them by name. His speech was good, but rote, with some echolalia. He still had some autistic behaviour from time to time. There were many times we wanted to give up, however we did get to a point where the behaviours became very minimal. We knew we had to give GF/CF diet 100%. “We took Kyle back to the doctor that diagnosed him. When she walked into the exam room Kyle said, “Hello doctor.” She acted as if he wasn’t the same child she diagnosed a year ago”… After a few months on this strict diet we still felt that something was missing. We came across a type of supplement called Glyconutrients. There are case studies of Glyconutrients helping Autistic/AD(H)D children. When we implemented this supplement we couldn’t believe the positive effect it had on Kyle. We noticed immediate improvement in Kyle’s cognitive ability, his eye contact, his gross and fi ne motor skills, his imaginative play, and his social interaction. For example, we noticed Kyle alternating his feet on the stairs spontaneously (which means he was using both sides of his brain). But the autistic behaviours were still present. The reason was that his body was cleansing. The life of a new blood cell is every four months. After four months on this supplement his behaviours completely subsided. His speech is no longer rote or echolalia. This was clearly another die-off reaction. Kyle loves to play Board Games, Animals in the Jungle, Dinosaurs, Trains, Dress-up, and “Little People”. He rides a two-wheeler with training wheels. He draws beautiful pictures and much, much more. He swallows pills, knows what he can and can’t eat, and lets us put supplement powders in his food and water. We feel that Kyle is fully aware of what has happened to him. We think he might have some memories of his food intolerance and knows how much better he feels with his supplements. When you give Kyle his pills, he pops them in his mouth and in the same breath says, “thank you”. Kyle is defi nitely one special kid.

On December 10, 2001 we took Kyle back to the doctor that diagnosed him. When she walked into the exam room Kyle said, “Hello doctor.” She acted as if he wasn’t the same child she diagnosed a year ago. Through the next two hours of tests, she looked at him in disbelief. Kyle had recovered: he had shed all of the traits that labelled him Autistic. He is at his age level in social, selfhelp, and motor skills. He was two months behind in language skills with an extraordinary vocabulary (that of a 5-7 year old).

We attribute Kyle’s success to KYLE, Glyconutrients, Karyn Seroussi’s book, and definitely hard work. Kyle is in a regular preschool, and plays with his school and neighbourhood friends. He has scored average or above average on all evaluation tests and has no Autistic traits. Kyle’s current update: Kyle graduated Preschool with fl ying colours. He has been dismissed from all Special Education services and will be entering Kindergarten in Fall 2003. For more information on this new science contact Marie Geary, Ph (09) 813 9644. “It is not…that some people do not know what to do with truth when it is offered to them, but the tragic fate is to reach, after patient search, a condition of mind-blindness, in which the truth is not recognized, though it stares you in the face.”

Sir William Osler, physician, 1849-1919

26, WAVES Newsletter September/October 2006

Kyle Before:

• Couldn’t interact with peers

• Couldn’t alternate feet on the stairs

• Couldn’t say Mummy

• Lost the skill of feeding himself

• Couldn’t climb a ladder & go down a slide

• Couldn’t ride a tricycle

• Couldn’t make a circle

• Had no imaginative play

• Had dry and brittle hair

• Had bright red checks

• Was always sick, with a runny nose and/or cough

• Had chronic ear infections

• Was not potty trained or near ready

• Had no social interaction

Kyle After:

• Has many friends and a crush on a girl

• Runs up and down the stairs

• Talks in complete sentences

• Is our neatest eater

• Races up a ladder and fl ies down a slide

• Rides a two-wheeler with training wheels

• Draws tigers, giraffes, dogs, etc

• Has great imaginative play

• Has softer, lighter in coloured hair

• Has a beautiful completion


• Hasn’t had one ear infection

• Was potty-trained in a week (including night)

• Is a social butterfly

[from WAVES Newsletter September/October 2006, 25]