Battling Immunisation Ignorance

Dear Nikki,

While what follows may appear to be anger at you, it is not. It’s anger at the medical people who came to you with dogma … not with facts, and have deliberately mislead you. I will prove that to you using their own documents.

In your article “Battline Immunisation Ignorance” you stated: ****Nasty at any age, whooping cough can cause brain damage and even death in young babies. Before a vaccine was available, the disease killed more babies than measles, diphtheria, polio and scarlet fever combined.***

Exactly what was the doctor’s desired “reader’s inference” – by using this statement? This statement infers to the average reader that it was ONLY after a vaccine was available, that all these baby deaths stopped. Correct?

Yet nothing could be further from the truth, and every single doctor who talked to you, should have known better. Cameron Grant certainly knows that, because he’s worked with the same data as I have, and he’s never been able to bring himself to put in print the full death decline graph for whooping cough.. and no wonder! It makes a mockery of the comment above.

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