Can vitamin C save lives?

Just a reminder to watch 60 Minutes on Wednesday 7.30 p.m. TV3.

Below is a link (just click on it) to watch a promo for a 60 Minutes story (TV3 Wednesday 18th 7.30 pm) about how Vitamin C saved the life of a Waikato farmer who would have died if his family had not fought tooth and nail for him.

Countless thousands of dollars were spent (not to mention the investment in high tech equipment used) on keeping this patient alive in ICU and yet all it took to save his life was a simple bag of Vitamin C.

Since that time, others who have not had access to this simple safe and effective treatment have lost their lives – very sad.

The question is – if Vitamin C can save a life in such a seemingly hopeless situation – could it be used effectively at a much earlier stage?

Many New Zealanders will be asking this question.

A few dollars invested in research may give us the answers that could prune many millions off our expenditure on health.

Meningococcal Septicemia – MRSA – NDM-1? Vitamin C at 100 mgs is unlikely to do it but at 100,000 mgs it might save many lives.