Lies, Vaccines and the New Zealand Media

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Another day, another poorly-written and ill-advised scare story in New Zealand’s fabulous ‘print media’. This time, a piece in the Dominion Post claiming measles ‘could have been eradicated by now if it were not for anti-vaccine campaigners and conspiracy theorists’. Nothing to do with faulty live-virus vaccines, is it? According to the article, posted on, […]

A case of semantics: Vaccination vs Immunisation

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

A case of semantics: Vaccination vs Immunisation Language is a funny thing. As a writer, I understand the importance of utilising correct grammar to get your point across, and of how badly things can be misinterpreted when the wrong word is chosen. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the silly arguments that can take place when […]