Vitamin D3

Sunshine, Vitamin D, and Health

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Ahh, Summer. Long days, balmy nights, beaches and barbeques and fun in the sun. Don’t you just love it? One of my favourite aspects of this season – frivolities aside – is the opportunity to load up on Vitamin D, that magical thing bestowed upon us from the sun itself. So, in tribute to this […]

Why should you keep your vitamin D level around 50 ng/ml?

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Why should you keep your vitamin D level around 50 ng/ml? September 19, 2011 — Dr John Cannell Why should you keep your vitamin D level around 50 ng/ml? Four different sources, using four different rationales, and four different lines of reasoning, all lead to the same conclusion. First, what is the vitamin D level […]

Study Confirms Sun Exposure Protects Against Skin Cancer

Monday, August 15th, 2011

As a fair-haired Scot with freckles and pale skin I’m a classic case to be more at risk from melanoma. Getting quite badly sunburned on my nose years ago in Spain has pushed my risk up further. To say I’ve been wary about the sun is an understatement — I specialise in treating patients with […]

Vitamin D3 More Effective Than Expensive Artificial Pharmaceuticals?

Monday, August 15th, 2011

A vitamin pill available for a few pence in any local chemist’s shop may have a bigger impact in extending the survival of cancer patients than drugs costing tens of thousands of pounds, says a leading cancer specialist. Professor Angus Dalgeish, consultant medical oncologist at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, south-west London, will tell a conference […]

Vitamin D literally grasps infant from certain death

Friday, July 29th, 2011

The beginning of the emergency room visit looked bad for the 16-month-old infant. He was in full cardiac arrest. His heart had stopped beating (asystole) but the Swiss hospital crew applied advanced cardiac life support and got the infant’s heart beating once again. When the child’s blood work came back, the doctor immediately noted his […]

Interview with John Cannell on Vitamin D3

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Interview with John Cannell on Vitamin D. From the Health Ranger at NaturalNews, this interview covers the latest scientific research on the health benefits of vitamin D, the ongoing effort to attack and discredit vitamin D, and why the cancer industry refuses to talk about vitamin D as cancer prevention medicine. This may be the […]

The Vitamin D Theory of Autism

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

In addition to the current epidemic of vitamin D deficiency, say another epidemic—an epidemic of autism—was upon our children? What if the autism epidemic began at the same time the epidemic of vitamin D deficiency began? What if both epidemics had worsened in unison? What if one theory explained all the unexplained facts about autism? What […]

Flu shot side effects

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Flu shot side effects and the natural solution to immunity.

Researchers recommend pregnant women take 4,000 IU vitamin D a day

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Taking vitamin D supplements during pregnancy is not only safe for mother and baby, but also can prevent preterm births and infections…

Vitamin D3 Deficiency And Disease

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Scientists published 1,582 new papers on vitamin D in the first six months of 2010. D3 deficiency is a root cause of scores of deadly and debilitating diseases…