Cyber Bullying the “Anti” Vaccine Movement

Since my perspective is different from just about everyone I know regarding vaccines I tend to frequent certain vaccine and other forums which also attract like minded people. Over the years I have noticed a huge increase in the numbers of such forums and a substantial increase in how many people are frequenting them. Unfortunately, there is also a huge increase in people who want to banish this information and in doing so will go to any lengths to try to dismiss us. To state that there is a huge up rise of “pro-vaccine” people on “anti-vaccine” forums is to put it mildly.

Over the years I have only been called an “idiot” once and it was not about vaccines, it was regarding AIDS. Considering how many times I have commented in response to questions, I have gotten away relatively unscathed, but not enough to forget that one accusation. There have been countless times I have had to restrain myself from responding to such negative people and it always helps to remember that it NEVER does any good to argue, that is what they want. You are in essence feeding their egos and perhaps even increasing their commission payments (anything is possible) by responding to their attacks. However, a lot of people cannot stop themselves and take the bait. You can liken this to a game of Cat and Mouse or even perhaps inviting the Vampire into your home for the first time. If you respond to them, they will take a bite out of you.

At some point it has become very common for the victims of this negativity to use the word “Troll” in retaliation. This is a word I cringe at when used. It is too easy to dish out unkind words when you can remain anonymous in the privacy of your home or car. The possibilities are never ending to dish out mean words to someone you will never, ever meet. But does this make it OK? Absolutely not. There are other words you see over and over again to describe the people attacking us, but I choose not to use them in this blog, they irritate me that much to see them now. Suffice to say, you will know them when you see them.

I have stumbled across the term “Social Engineering”over and over these many years of researching. “Social Engineering”, to put it simply, is a term coined to describe how the human race have been manipulated and molded into having certain ideals, theories and mind sets about our society to our detriment. Racism is a good example. Please check out the work of Edward Bernaise for a good start. Part of this socializing involes us being tricked (thanks in part, most recently, to Disney), into grouping everything into two groups. Good and Bad. We view ourselves as good (princes and princesses) while everyone who does not agree with us are bad (trolls). It is important for me to state that despite knowing this I still experience certain attitudes and find it hard to overcome, it is that ingrained in us all. But knowing about it is the first and only way to reverse these mindsets.

Which leads us to another topic I see over and over again. Divide and Concur. We are continuously busy grouping everything and in doing so divide ourselves from everyone else. Here are some examples: Good and Evil, Black and White, Democrat and Republican. The outcome of this mindset is causing us to be so preoccupied with looking at our differences we are never able to see our similarities. This greatly hinders our ability to resolve anything. It does not serve us well, at all.

It is horrible to have to read through such negativity on websites I used to go to for support and information. What used to feel like a safe place to go can now lead to the treat of hackers on your page and at the very least be stressful to read and comment on. Especially on Face book. About a year ago I actually closed down my Face book account to get away from the politics and negativity because it was causing me a lot of stress.

Presently, I have resolved my issues and have gone back onto the internet. There is a need to keep up to date and continue to help get our message across to ensure our rights will remain intact.
To the people fighting us on the internet, information is the answer. And kharma will always get you in the end. And that is all I have to say.

The good news is we are in fact being extremely effective and successful in reversing the years of lies we have been spoon fed all these years regarding vaccines place in humanity. It is becoming increasingly obvious from the backlash we are witnessing take place against our cause. And we are all doing this together, despite our differences.