How Many Are Practicing “Herd Immunity”?

cattle-herdIt is hard to remember the first time herd immunity was introduced into my vocabulary. It could have been 30 years ago, 20, or maybe 10. Having worked in the medical field over the years, it was certain to occur there. It was never questioned by anyone I ever knew, it just was. The concept of herd immunity somehow became so familiar it was part of the fabric which made up what I believed in vaccines, that is until becoming pregnant for the first time.

Today my views are extremely different. As I’ve stumbled across articles and blogs which dare to question herd immunity’s place in our history, doubt about our duty to vaccinate has slowly crept away from my subconsciousness. It has been replaced with a certainty about my decision not to vaccinate. A sigh of relief was let out one day upon finally realizing “I am starting to get the big picture.” None of this is about me or my unborn child but instead about an insidious agenda to get us to believe we need vaccines to keep us and the rest of the population healthy. It is about marketing a concept to sell you a product that you think you need because you have been told it is needed. My guilt washed away.

Herd immunity, and countless other things we have been led to believe about vaccines, is a myth perpetuated by certain Professionals we deem “educated” and through posters on walls distributed by drug companies and health institutions. No references are ever given to prove that this theory is true, and it is unacceptable in our society to question these authorities. We are expected to obey.

Looking further into the past for answers about herd immunity brings forth a slew of interesting tidbits. Most notable is that of the man who supposedly coined the phrase
“Herd-immunity” because according to Wikipedia, A W Hedrich never existed. (1) If you look up “herd immunity” on Wikipedia, there is absolutely no mention of A W Hedrich. If you look up A W Hedrich, there is no page listed under his name. Perhaps Wikipedia did have a glowing review of this man’s legacy at one time, but most of us will never know.

I have read online two versions of Mr. A W Hedrich’s life. One article stated he was studying a herd of cattle in the 1930’s. (2) The study was done to figure out patterns of a certain bovine disease in which Hedrich observed over time. The results concluded were once the illness passed through the herd population it was another 3-5 years until the next outbreak of this illness occurred again. He concluded from this observation that while the original herd had natural immunity once that herd had a new generation of cows that newer population were not protected enabling the illness to made it’s rounds again.

Another story about Hedrich consisted of a different long term study he carried out involving children as the long term subjects and their immunity to measles from 1900 until 1931.(3) The same results were observed as the Cattle Study and according to this author, this study led him to coin the phrase “herd immunity” in 1933. (4) The exact details are not important at this point in time, how can they be when we are not sure what really happened? One glaring fact about this story however, which no one in the medical field seems to realize, is that vaccines were never a part of the equation regarding these studies, observations and conclusions, what-so-ever.

So here we are today, 80 years later, and it is acceptable in the medical industry to refer to humans as a “herd” in regards to vaccines. Not only is the term “HERD immunity” disrespectful but it is downright offensive when you consider what eventually happens to most herds, the slaughterhouse. What it all comes down to is the pharmaceutical industry who finance all Medical Schools, and later Doctors, have always had a powerful hold on Medical Students (they don’t call the “Merck Manual” the “Dr’s Bible” for nothing). Over time I have concluded Med Students are being taught to treat us like a herd of lay people in order to get us to comply with what ever is in the best interest of the very same Pharmaceutical Companies. Doctors are told in medical that is it for our own good, because most of us do not know how to take care of ourselves or our children, and eventually they believe it. Then comes the financial incentives once the Doctor is able to make a living after all their indoctrination and huge medical school loan bill. It goes much further than that and if you find this information intriguing, as I do, you should read “Murder by Injection” by Eustace Mullins and “The Medical Mafia” by Ghislaine Lanctot.

If you are a numbers person, it is easy to see it just does not add up for herd immunity through vaccination to ever be possible. When you look at the big picture, and not just believe what the Pediatrician or GP tells you, even if all the children of a particular community were 100% up to date on all shots the parents and the rest of the general population are not. The immunity to all vaccines given will have waned after 2-10 years time unless that host came down sick with a particular VPD (Vaccine Preventable Disease) and gained natural, life time immunity from that illness. It is estimated up to 50% of the adult general population are not up to date on their vaccines, but that does not necessarily mean the other 50% are 100% up to date. (5) It is a fact vaccines do not create an immune response in certain people, even after many attempts, and the same is true for some children. Vaccines do not work 100% of the time, which is admitted by the medical industry and seemingly the only flaw with vaccines in their view. The concept that vaccines work to keep your body healthy against certain pathogens because an immune response is achieved is flawed in itself, but that is another issue for another day.
Baby and Herd Immunity
Recently, while researching this blog, I came across an interesting page and in it I found the following opinion, “Parents who forgo vaccinations may believe they can rely on herd immunity to protect their children: Children who aren’t immunized may be protected by the children that did get vaccinations.” (6)

The key word here is “may”. You can tell it is written by someone who does not want to take any responsibility for their statement because they use the word “may”. It “may” cause drowsiness and it “may” cause death are examples of statements we see often on labels of items that are in fact dangerous to our health. The reason why I am throwing this in here is the fact that I have never read or heard from a responsible adult and/or parent the reason they are not vaccinating little Johnnie or themselves is that they don’t have to, herd-immunity will take care of everything. Believing this to be true is another example of how brainwashed we most have become regarding herd-immunity. A rational person is willing to believe that a mother will risk their child’s life and limb simply due to laziness? How absurd.

Over the last 6 years I have spent reading everything about vaccines as humanly possible and in that time I have read countless arguments for vaccinating in order to achieve herd immunity. Sometimes I would respond to their cries for conformity by replying “When was the last time you were caught up on all your vaccines?” There goes their theory, not mine.

I am going to conclude this blog with an extremely important document that everyone must have bookmarked and printed off and kept in a safe place for your reference.

“Vaccine-induced herd immunity is a lie used to frighten doctors, public-health officials, other medical personnel, and the public into accepting vaccinations.”
Dr. Russell Blaylock neurosurgeon, researcher

“Bernard was right; the Terrain is everything, the Germ is nothing” -Louis Pasteur

(3) MONTHLY ESTIMATES OF THE CHILD POPULATION “SUSCEPTIBLE’ TO MEASLES, 1900-1931, BALTIMORE, MD, AW HEDRICH, American Journal of Epidemiology, May 1933 – Oxford University Press