Letter To The Editor Of The New Zealand Herald

Letter to editor of NZ Herald

The medical world would like the vaccination schedule to be a cut and dried situation. It never has been and it never will be as there are (thankfully) doctors, scientists (etc) as well as parents who research and inform themselves enough to know that we don’t want toxic poisons injected into our children’s bodies. We feel the risk of the side effects far outweigh the benefits of life-long immunity from contracting the illness naturally (when did it become a disease?). My mother’s generation of parenting welcomed the measles in the community and certainly they knew how to look after us in this situation.

I find it inconceivable now (after having been guilty of it) of injecting a multitude of ‘diseases’ at once into a 6week-5month old baby whose immune system isn’t developed enough to cope. What’s the impact? There is a whole range of side effects that parents report to doctors after baby’s shot (and usually not accepted as being connected to the vaccines): general unwellness, regular colds, ear problems, asthma, allergies, behavioural, learning and social challenges; to seizures, on the autistic spectrum and SIDS. These side effects (and others) are very real and not uncommon.

There is a website (www.followingvaccinations.com) where parents can share their child’s adverse reactions. I have been involved with immunisation awareness for 24 years so there were no surprises there for me but still it is shocking and disturbing. The MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) features strongly.

Another website that shows side effects of vaccines from a scientist’s point of view is www.vierascheibner.com. Vieira accidently came across the connection between cot death and vaccines when she was studying the breathing patterns of babies with the Cot watch monitor. She now spends her life studying medical papers on vaccination and sharing her research with us.

Thankfully there is enough information out there for us to get a full picture of the pros and cons of vaccination. The medical world is desperate for us to vaccinate but in fact the more they use fear and extreme emotional language the more suspicious I think parents become which in turn leads them to research a bit more which then sees an overall lower vaccination rate.

Awaawaroa Bay
Waiheke Island