Lies & Vaccines

So here we are on the verge of 2013 and we live in a society riddled with information overload. Anything you need to know, at your fingertips 24/7. Unfortunately, it is getting increasingly harder for people to accept the information available to them, so they stay in the bubble of “Entertainment.” Celebrity news, movies, TV, magazines, video games and porn all score high on most of the population’s favourite ways to spend downtime.

Slowly, over time we have morphed into beings needing to be entertained by someone or something else we hold in high esteem, although we do not know any of these people or partake in their activities. We now believe it IS important if we are being TOLD it is important. If Dr Oz says it is so, then it is so. If the Nightly News says it is so, so it is. And if anyone has anything to say against it they are immediately labeled a conspiracy theorist or a non patriot. And if you don’t believe in vaccines you are a “flatearther”, or a “hippie”. Or a “stupid”, “ idiot” or both. Never do you hear anyone ask, “Well wait, why do you think that way?” Or “What made you come to that conclusion?”.

So we live in a society where the people who represent evil are idolized and where people who dare to speak the truth about ANYTHING are called names and dismissed as loonies which makes everyone else who may agree not want to go down that path. This is what is being done and no one has the capacity to bring it up and point out the flaws in this mindset.

How exactly did we become so complacent and trusting about EVERYTHING? I am having a hard time with all this. All the horrible things we see on a daily basis happen to people we don’t know and sometimes people we do know, why are we not able to do anything about it? Why can we not speak out and say “No, you are wrong, you are Evil and you need to be stopped and the victims of your evilness need to be heard and you need to go Away!”. Or a simple “I would agree with you if you were right!”. Instead we get gang mentality with likes siding with likes.

I am so tired of the tug of war humanity infringes upon itself and the inability for them to see through it all.

Yesterday I went into a Shopping Mall to use the restroom and I was assaulted by this man in front of many people. It was just before 9 am and as the store keepers opened their rolling doors and the people anxiously awaited to get in the shops everyone just stood there and watched as this man screamed obscenities at me while blocking me from walking anywhere. I called out for someone to call security. Still, stone faces. After calling out again for security the lady nearest to me opening her shop finally grabbed a phone. I had to leave to the bathroom because after having two children naturally, when nature calls you need to respond, or suffer embarrassment. By the time security showed up the man was long gone. Why did no one grab him from behind? He was not a big man, and he was quite feeble. But then again, what would I have done? I don’t know.

I guess this does not have much to do with vaccines, but it does have everything to do with how complacent people are in the face of danger. We would rather watch and our sense of community is no longer there. We are all alone to fend for ourselves against evil. And it can and does happen anytime and anyplace. Starting with your TV’s and mainstream media and movies. My mantra now is what ever you are being told in magazine and newspaper articles or on the News, the opposite is true. One good example is the whole green tea promotion. According to the mainstream media, green tea prevents cancer. Sure, right. Green tea contains so much fluoride, much more than regular black tea, that your pituitary gland will be calcified much quicker if you drink it like water. But do you EVER get this information? NO.

So, yes, vaccines are very much involved the big picture of complacency and evil and lies. Doctors do the lying for the medical industry who are owned by the same people who control the mainstream media. It is all related and so important we understand and know all the factors of this big picture.

Movies & video games which condition you and your children to be spectators and non doers.
Only in movies, the good guys always prevail, when in reality the bad guys get away with everything and the good get called names.

So in today’s world we are still dealing with the misinform we are being told regarding the health of our children and that we can do no better for our children’s future than to give them vaccines. Many vaccines. When did this become OK?

Lies, lies, lies.

And Dr Oz does not vaccinate his own children. Does that make him a Hippie or Flatearther? No, just a Liar.