Measles Fear Mongering: Where's The Honesty – part 2

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Let’s face it, we will never know the truth about the amount of “fully” vaccinated getting measles as the main aim is to sell the vaccine and scaremonger parents into getting their kids vaccinated for the second, third or fourth time…


Let’s have a look at the latest Herald article…So now we have 72 measles cases in the greater Auckland area, this time no talk about the vaccination status of the infected, could this be because the latest cases were all “fully” vaccinated? I guess we will never know. Five have “required hospitalisation”, why are children ending up in hospital with measles? Could it possibly be because the parents have been scared senseless about measles and as soon as their doctor diagnosed it they rushed their child to hospital thinking there was nothing else they could do? Could it be that doctors now know so little about how to treat measles the first thing they do is send the child to hospital if they have it? Were those children actually anymore sick than the ones who didn’t end up at hospital? How many of those 5 measles cases who went to hospital were given paracetamol at the first sign of the temperature? Are parents or doctors taking heed of the dangers of giving paracetamol for temperatures?

If doctors are not prepared to inform themselves about how to best treat children with measles, knowing the vaccination has a failure rate, maybe parents need to start informing themselves better and this would be a good place to start

But no instead the same old mantra is peddled over and over…

The only way to stop you catching measles is getting immunised.”

Really, so why is there so little faith in the vaccine? But it is quite clear that the purpose of this reporting isn’t to INFORM parents, but to get them to CONFORM…

As one pro-vaccine advocate puts it…

Most people seem to have a good attitude to vaccination. They dutifully bundle their kids off to the doctor or nurse for the jabs listed on the schedule.”

Oh yes those are the sort of parents the likes of IMAC prefer, good dutiful little parents who don’t ask questions, but simply do as they’re told, not those annoying parents who actually want to know what’s being injected into their children, whether it is safe or effective, whether it’s actually been tested properly and whether they are actually being told the truth about these things. It seems that Sir Liam Donaldson, chief medical officer of the UK department of health has a different view of those parents with that “bad attitude”…

“The patient who is armed with information, who wants to ask questions, sometimes difficult and awkward questions, should be seen as an asset in the process of care and not an impediment to it.”

Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer of the UK Department of Health, speaking at the Second National Service Delivery and Organisation Conference, Church House, Westminster, 19th March 2003.

I am sure the MoH are delighted with the power of the media with this scare campaign, they barely have to rely on the media to do their sales pitch anymore, they’ve done such a great job of pitting parent against parent and have got that lynch mob mentality in full swing, just look at some of the venom, not to mention the ignorance—and grammatical illiteracy, on another message board…

We are now having measles epidemics already. Where was the latest… Oratia wasn’t it? Those parents should be reported to CYFS.”

Caused by a nonimmunised child going overseas and bringing it back to NZ. The parents of that child should be publically shamed.”

I personally believe these people should not be allowed to have any more children, their kids should be taken from them and we should send the parents to a third world country with a smallpox epidemics, no vaccine. See how they manage then.”

If you dont vaccinate your kid keep them out of school if my kids get the disease I should be able to sue the parents ass.” (Makes you wonder why they bother to vaccinate when they have such little faith in the vaccine)

And it just gets better…

Go and watch them die you evil scum. Look the in the eye as they expire from preventable diseases, tell them as they breathe thier last that what is killing them isnt a big deal.”

This is nothing I wouldnt say to your face, I loathe you and your type. I rate you no better than someone who supports child abuse.”

You are conspiracy theorist nutjob with to much time on his hands and to small a brain. That wouldnt be an issue, except your sick fantasy involves children dying.”

Then there is the usual totally uneducated journalism on the subject…

But it must surely annoy the vaccinated masses that the unvaccinated minority are getting a free ride.”

It annoys me as a non-vaccinator that my tax payer dollars are being used, not only to allow the vaccinators to get “free” vaccinations, but to also get all those subsequent “free” doctors visits and prescriptions for their under 6 year olds. It would be very interesting to know just how much we are saving the country by not vaccinating our children and subsequently our children very rarely needing to go to the doctor and needing ongoing medication subsidised by the tax payer.

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