One Mother's Journey To Becoming Anti-Vaccine

anti-vaccineOne Mother’s Journey To Becoming Anti-Vaccine

We had just arrived in New Zealand after an extended holiday around the English speaking world. While in LasVegas we eloped, calling our friends and family to tell them the good news, it was Christmas.

A little over a year later my new husband and I were to stop in New Zealand for a brief period to tie up loose ends. We then planned to travel some more and eventually settle somewhere in the States. I was feeling strange though and couldn’t stand the way anything smelled. We were pregnant. Once I found out I could have a home birth my husband found a good job and we rented a two bedroom on the North Shore.

I applied for a job at Auckland Hospital but they wanted me to have a TB test. Having had a TB test less than a year earlier I contacted my previous job. Unable to get my previous employer to forward my records I was forced with having to take the test or not have a job. I had a problem with this however, after all the test involves inserting a TB antigen into the upper Dermal layers of your upper arm and if you have a reaction that indicates a positive TB test. The need to take this test was not new to me, but this time I was pregnant.

Upon researching TB testing on the internet I discovered that not only can repeated testing make false positives for Tb more likely, but once you are diagnosed with TB you are required to be put on a very toxic drug “treatment” program. No thank you, no more tests for me and my baby.

On the other hand, I wasn’t against vaccines. Over the years it had been recommended by my superiors at work that I have the Hep B series or the Hep A and the flu shot, but I never had the time or the desire to have them.

I don’t know if it was fate or intuition, or both, but for the rest of my life I will be grateful I never rolled up my sleeves for those vaccines.

Thankfully, not taking that job at the Hospital left me lots of time to satisfy my insatiable need to read everything written about pregnancy the library stocked. I bought the “Bible” of pregnancy books, “What To Expect When You Are Expecting” used, because I thought it would actually be helpful. Instead it listed every possible thing that could go wrong in your pregnancy and that book made me realize reading all these “informative” books was actually hindering my ability to enjoy my pregnancy. In hindsight I am thankful I purchased this book for three reasons. First of all, it led me to stop reading mainstream pregnancy propaganda. This particular book would also be a good reminder, after researching the vaccine issue, of how mainstream paraphernalia influences unsuspecting women. Even if it claims to be non partial, it is.

For the next few months I enjoyed my pregnancy with a sense of peaceful bliss I had never known. I loved being pregnant and I loved my baby.

The information overload break lasted until…it was time to write up a Birth Plan. I had always told myself if I ever were to have a baby, it had to be a home birth. No way around it. I don’t fall for the huge medical fallacy that a woman’s body is not able to properly birth a child. That concept is ridiculous and certainly should be out dated by now, but it is not. So I went online to look for other people’s ideas about how to make the perfect birth plan.

I am not sure how or why or when, but the issue of vaccines kept on coming up. I joined the Cafe Mom and Mothering sites and found them extremely helpful and reassuring at the time. Then one of the most important things in my life happened, I got the April/June 2007 issue of “Uncensored” magazine. In that issue, issue number 7, I read the article “Resources on Vaccine Dangers” by Ken Adachi. pp 85-86.
In this brilliant article the writer listed numerous internet links and reading material you could access in order to research the other side of vaccines. I spent days doing just this.

The first story I read about vaccine damage is still imbedded in my head all these years later because it was absolutely devastating. On the website I somehow found my way to a story written by the father of a baby girl who died after a Hepatitis B vaccine had been given. The father begs to understand why a newborn baby would actually ever need a Hepatitis B vaccine. I can honestly say to this day I have never seen a satisfactory explanation by the medical texts or sites to justify giving this vaccine to a newborn baby.. The TRUTH is newborn babies do not need them and it is up to each parent to discover why and then refuse the vaccine once offered. Once you do this you can cite your research as the reason why to any and all medical staff, and you will be relieved you can do so.

The next few months of my pregnancy were spent researching vaccines and any other lie I could dig up about what we have been told about pregnancy and babies and lifestyle and well, life in general. My need for this information has never waned and presently I must have spent a few thousand hours “researching”, more like relearning. .

One by one I crossed off each vaccine from New Zealand’s list of “recommended immunizations”. Hepatitis B was the first to go, followed by the MeNZB (meningitis b, which is still available but no longer on the schedule). The BCG (TB) vaccine was not necessary, so I was happy to cross that off. The MMR was not an option, after all I had the measles and now had immunity all these years later, I was 37 at the time. I was tested for antibodies to the mumps, measles and German measles while pregnant and I still tested positive. My baby would be getting antibodies to these in my breast milk. This is a fact I do not recall reading in any of the mainstream pregnancy books, promoting breastfeeding. Gee, how strange?

The two remaining vaccines on the schedule were IPV (Inactivated Polio Vaccine) and DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and acellular-Pertussis). I still had reservations about Polio and Tetanus but thankfully Dr. Sheri Tennpenny’s video “Vaccines-The Risks, the Benefits, the Choices” came into my life and that was what I needed. I watched it three times in two days, taking notes each time so I wouldn’t miss anything.

I read Hilary Butler’s book “Prick Up Your Ears” early on and “Just A Little Prick” came out near the end of my pregnancy. I joined a thread on Cafe Mom titled “Choosing Not To Vaccinate” and that was my lifeline for a while. The woman on this particular thread were incredibly intelligent and it was a joy to watch their knowledge progress over time. The website has changed dramatically since 2007 so I personally no longer recommend it. I read Neil Z. Miller’s “Vaccine Safety Manual” and Wendy Lydall’s book “Raising A Vaccine Free Child”. Thankfully all these books were available through my local library at the time.

Most of the helpful websites I stumbled across and had bookmarked are long gone from being saved in my computer but the most helpful ones I can remember are as follows-

& Gary Matsumuto’s book “Vaccine A”, is worth mentioning.

You can access the issue of Uncensored I mentioned earlier by going to Issues 1-11 are currently available as free downloads, and I strongly suggest you take advantage of this while you still can.

Both my husband and I agree 100% that vaccines are not for our family and we have exercised our rights for our family. We cannot and will not be forced to give our children a medication we deem not necessary. People tend to forget that vaccines are a potentially dangerous medication but most alarmingly people seem to believe they make you healthier. This myth needs to be stopped. They never have and never will.