Sue Claridge Interview w/ Radio Rhema's Tim Sisarich – part1of4


Part 1 of 4: Rhema’s Talk@10 with Tim Sisarich = To Air on Friday July 29th, 2011 =

Guest: Sue Claridge, the Principal Researcher for The Immunisation Awareness Society

To make an informed decision about medical care and medical treatment is not only your right but your responsibility. In fact, according the New Zealand Ministry of Health, “Consent is a fundamental concept in the provision of health care services, including immunisation.”

Informed consent can only be provided by a patient or caregiver (parent) when the patient or caregiver has considered all the information pertaining to the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment or procedure. So when it comes to immunizing our children, at least according to The Immunisation Awareness Society, the critical issue is whether or not that consent is informed.

They don’t advise people not to vaccinate, but facilitates an informed decision making process. So why what do they have against vaccinations and why are they so determined to put doubt in our minds about the safety and value of immunisations?
Today, Tim Talks with Sue Claridge, the Principal Researcher for The Immunisation Awareness Society about this, vaccine ingredients and what we’re actually immunizing against as well as some of the side-effects and dangers, with the goal of generating enough questions in your mind as a parent, to go and find out what’s best for your own children.

Pt. 1: Who are The Immunisation Awareness Society & why should we listen to them
Intro: Sue Claridge responds to Tim’s Q, “Who are The Immunisation Awareness Society”
Outro: “… these are diseases that parents of healthy children should not fear.”
Dur: 07min 38sec

Pt. 2: The Scary Truth behind Vaccines
Intro: “Sue before the break, you said these are diseases need not fear … what are your biggest concerns regarding the vaccinations …”
Outro: “… because you don’t know if your child is going to be one that reacts.”
Dur: 7min 55sec

Pt. 3: Which is the better evil?
Intro: “What’s in our vaccines that are causing reactions in our children?”
Outro: “… all the way up to the really serious ones, including death.”
Dur: 4min 34sec

Pt. 4: How should parents equip themselves with the best information for their child
Intro: “I want to talk about concerns parents have …”
Outro: “… you need to make sure that you’re making wise choices.”
Dur: 06min 48sec