The Bare Necessities… Does Not Include Vaccines… A Personal Journey – Part 2

The following blog consists of my personal experiences and observations. They do not consist of lies and I do not have a hidden agenda. I am writing about topics of which I am extremely passionate about and therefore want to share with my fellow human beings. If you do not agree, so be it. If this info offends you, then it does not concern you, please move on. If you are open to all information and are able to consider it along with all the other millions of pieces of information you have experienced in your lifetime, you are who this is written for.

“Truth comes from understanding, understanding comes from knowing” – Santos Bonacci

Part 1 of this blog spelled out what I believe to be the most vital beginnings for any human: at least the way it should be and could be if we were allowed to think that way and accept it’s importance once again. I have not read this in any magazine or other blog. These are little pieces of truth I have discovered from my own personal experiences and acquired over the years, since having children of my own.

These were things I never really cared much about, until I became pregnant. After I became pregnant I did what most women do, spent every possible moment reading every possible publication about being pregnant.

From this reading I, for example, decided to limit ultrasound exposure as much as possible with my first child. I determined this after reading about the potential dangers of ultrasound exposure to a fetus. After all it is radiation being used to get the images of the baby in the womb. I did have the 20 weeks ultrasound to see how the pregnancy was “progressing”which I still regret, since we were going to wait to find out the babies sex until born anyhow. Another factor was the experience my cousin went through with her second child. She was told her child would be extremely retarded and it was suggested she terminate the pregnancy. This was based on an ultrasound.

The cortisol and other hormones released as a result of stress and anxiety caused to the mother by this mere guess by the “specialists” no doubt will impact this child for his lifetime. He was born a perfectly normal boy by the way. He has however suffered from kidney stones and blood sugar abnormalities all his young life. Everything is interconnected, in so many ways.

Because I was fortunate enough not to have to work while pregnant, I spent most days researching on the internet and at the library. I also made myself delicious meals to satisfy my insatiable appetite and napped as much as possible. I wish now I had gotten out everyday to take a walk but other than that I had a perfect, blissful pregnancy.

Until one day I realized, soon this baby will be born, then what? That led me to a huge awakening and to a path down endless roads, and some roadblocks, about what to do with baby. Should we co-sleep? Should I breastfeed? Cloth or disposable nappies? Should I vaccinate?

Never being happy with one answer I was in search of many answers to see which one best made sense for me and my family.

Everything seemed to be falling into place as I began what would result in thousands of hours of research, which still continues today. My midwife had given me a fact sheet about the Vitamin K shot which explained there was perhaps a small risk of childhood leukemia associated to this practice.

WHAT? Online I discovered a series of three studies carried out by the same University in England which proved, undeniably, this increased link between the Vitamin K shot and Leukemia. So after carefully considering this and other options, like the drops (which were not available anyhow) that was enough to eventually convince me to decline such a shot. It has been so long since I researched this the details are blurry now, but there is a lot of info out there at your disposal, so please look into it for yourself if it concerns you.

Next…Vaccines. My knowledge of vaccines was limited to what I had heard and seen over the years. I did not consider them harmful, I did not consider them hardly at all. I always assumed I was going to get them for my children, if I ever had children. Thankfully I was fortunate enough to come across different tidbits of info about vaccines in my research enough to lead me towards researching this topic more and more. After weeks and weeks spent on this topic I decided perhaps I will only vaccinate for a two things, tetanus and polio.

After looking further into this topic, I eventually became 100% confident that vaccinating was not for my newborn baby at birth or at any stage of my child’s early life. I realized that there were other, much better and effective ways to ensure my precious child remained healthy and developed a robust immune system for life. This realization and conclusion took months however, it was a long, hard, tiring journey.

You see, the more I looked into the history of vaccines and the answers used to justify it’s practice, the more I began to realize that there was a lot more to it then we have been lead to believe. After hours and hours spent reading and communicating with other mother’s on the internet I eventually began to see the big picture. I began to put together pieces that are being withheld from our knowledge and replaced with fake knowledge. Like, if you vaccinate your child, your child will be healthier. And if you do not vaccinate your child, that means you do not love your child. How ridiculous is that? Every parent loves their child. It does not matter if you do or do not vaccinate them. But this belief is still indoctrinated into our subconsciousness from every piece of propaganda you see in Doctor’s offices to pro vaccine web sites.

What I am able to share with 100% certainty and positivity is that if you raise your child with good quality, and as much organic as possible, whole foods as the basis of their diet, that will go a long way in letting their bodies grow and develop into a robust older child.

And the proof is in the pudding, as they say. My children are extremely healthy and bright. They have never had any of the childhood health conditions we now consider for a child abnormal not to have. My youngest needed to get a piece of paper dislodged from the right side of her nostril but that is hardly an issue. Though it did become an issue at the hospital as we were asked by 4 different hospital staff if she was “up to date on her immunizations”. And the kicker is, then NEXT day a mobile nurse called me to come talk to us in our home. I am sure a flag popped up that we weren’t vaccinating and we needed to be investigated as inept parents. Needless to say, I don’t support this (to remain unnamed) institution any longer.

Overall, I know I have made the right choices as far as their health decisions and I would not have done any thing differently. And for that I am most thankful.

I can’t stress enough the importance of learning to think for yourself regarding the health and well-being of your family and yourself and trusting someone elses word is not necessary in today’s world.

Over time I have stumbled over information which I, quite frankly, wish I did not know. For the sake of everyone, and especially our children. I wish we could live in a world where you could trust everyone to be honest and not motivated by monetary gain. And I certainly wish that the need to make these decisions did not eventually negatively impact our health and the health of our children so dramatically, but they DO. I also wish I had the time and the energy to list these findings, however, I doubt it would do much good anyhow.

Most of this info only makes sense if pieced together like a puzzle, over time. And depending on each persons ability to accept this info and capability to apply it to their unique experiences and circumstances it is ultimately up to each and every one of you to create your own journey.

By the way, I am not a hippie, I don’t like Star Trek, I have never bought a roll of tin foil and I know what goes around, comes around…