The Bare Necessities…Does Not Include Vaccines – Part 1

What does a baby need in order to get a good start in life? In order for each human being to successfully thrive through childhood, what is the common denominator? Good question. The answer is a mature and developed immune system and this begins with,

it’s Mother.

The formula for Baby’s survival is as follows:

1. a stress free, nutritionally sound pregnancy (gestation period)
2. as non invasive a pregnancy and birth as possible
3. mother’s milk
4. nurturing
5. comfort and safety
6. nutrition (vitamin & mineral dense foods for mother and baby)
7. fresh, clean water
8. sunshine
9. fresh, clean air

But for some reason science has not been able to make this most important finding. So how can the answer to such a basic and important question evade those considered by humanity to have all the answers, after all these centuries?

Turns out, this and much more is known and was common knowledge at one time or another. Presently, however, this vital info has become repressed from society on purpose by many entities with a vested interest in keeping the current human race ignorant. And arguably current circumstances have severely altered our ability to have access to and give these to our children, by design.

For example…

Unfortunately, today the accepted treatment for the “condition” of pregnancy involves the practice of being as invasive as possible, using modern “technology”. In many instances the chance of a stress free pregnancy

Speaking of C-Sections. A crucial part of a newborn’s developing immune system is from the formation of the infants gut flora. During the normal birthing process a newborn passes through it’s mother’s vaginal wall and is exposed to specific gut forming flora only available during vaginal birth. But you don’t hear this from the OB/GP, even most midwives are reluctant to notify their patients of this. They need to keep the window open for possible “emergency c-sections”.is rendered impossible due to this knowledge. For instance, the accepted practice in allopathic medicine of recommending the use of quite serious medications during pregnancy. From anti-nausea medication to antidepressants and now 3 vaccines are now on the table for any and all pregnant woman to choose from. So please tell me, how, why and when did any of this become considered helpful and necessary? On a positive note, at least the practice of Twilight birthing has become a thing of the past. But that was not that long ago. And c-sections are becoming alarmingly close!!!!

In today’s world we are sold the idea that bottle feeding is just as beneficial, proven scientifically according to the packaging it comes in, as mother’s milk. You almost never hear from any expert the fact that newborn i

nfants receive antibodies from their mother’s milk during at least the first 3 months of life. As a child, I had the measles before I was 1 year of age. During the pregnancy of my first child and from my breast milk she received immunity to measles. If I had been vaccinated for measles, and never had the measles, immunity would have waned by the time I gave birth to her, since I was 37 at the time. As far as I know proof of babies receiving antibodies from the mother’s being vaccinated with measles is not proven. Just think, if this were common knowledge at the implications for both infant formula AND vaccines it would create. By the way, they are all owned by the same Entities (hint, hint). I have read many times that feeding a baby infant formula changes the babies gut flora for weeks, if not forever. But it tastes good. Who doesn’t like a nice milkshake?

Here are some more extremely common misconceptions you will come across in your journey as a parent. We hear over and over again through various sources the mantra nurturing is about “quality and not quantity.”

When it comes to eventually feeding baby solids we are led to believe nutrition is found in any food like substance, age appropriate of course.. As long as the child is full, they are getting nutrition.

Most everyone agrees, sunshine is bad for us. We must always cover up, slap on poisonous sunscreen and stay out of the sun most of the day.

Fresh clean water comes out of our tap. The added chlorine is for your protection and sodium fluoride is good for you. And don’t forget to use fluoride toothpaste, lucky for us we have it in our drinking water. All of these common beliefs are a bunch of malarkey.

And here is the icing on the cake….As long as you vaccinate your baby you are covered. Any risk of death is avoided by this magic wonder. Seemingly, these vaccines for a few diseases will protect your child from EVERYTHING.

Why do we fall for this? I mean if it sounds to good to be true…

In my next blog I will continue with this subject in a more detailed, informative way and talk about the choices I have made with my family and why.