The IAS Has A New Name

bowie live guitarCh-ch-changes!! David Bowie sang about them, many say we need to embrace them, and others even reckon a change is as good as a holiday. So you’ll have noticed something a little different about the Immunisation Awareness Society today– we have a new name!!

Since we certainly aren’t going on holiday (as nice as that would be in this dreary winter weather!), we thought it was time for a change and to introduce a new name to our organisation. We’re proud to announce that, while nothing else will be changing in terms of the group itself, from this day on we will be known as Warnings About Vaccine Expectations NZ, or WAVESnz.

So, you may ask, why the change? And what do we mean by ‘vaccine expectations’? Read on to find out.

Firstly, WAVES is a name the IAS has been using since the 1990s, as the title of our monthly magazine newsletter. Thus, it isn’t a name that’s entirely new to our organisation, it fits in nicely with what we do, and long-term members shouldn’t have any issues in growing accustomed to its use. This also resonates nicely with the realm of natural health and immunity, as it means that in embracing something new and progressive, we’re also harking back to our roots and acknowledging the many amazing people who’ve gone before us and been involved with this organisation since its inception in 1988 – honouring our forebears as we look to a bright future, if you will.

Beyond this, there is also the imagery that goes with a wave – the surging ocean washing away that which is stale and outdated, and bringing in fresh, new ideas. Turning tides. Waves of positive change. All things we here at WAVESnz feel strongly about, and can see happening, as more and more people wake up to what’s going on in the realm of true healthcare and the sickness industry.

‘Warnings About Vaccine Expectations’ is also perhaps more applicable to what it is we do. We’ve moved away from simply promoting awareness of vaccination issues – surely the entire Western world is aware of vaccination and the debate around it by now?! – and towards the issues around informed consent in this country (or lack thereof). Medical literature on vaccination is rife with the word ‘expect’ – ‘we expect this will be the outcome’, ‘we expect there won’t be a problem’, ‘we expect it to be safe’, ‘we expect the vaccine to work’. The word pops up again and again in datasheets and in the medical literature as a way of sugar-coating that which isn’t known, and as a ‘get out of jail free’ card for when things do go wrong and serious reactions do happen. Well, we’re here to warn people about what those ‘expectations’ can lead to, as expectations aren’t always the actual outcome in reality. I’m sure our readers all know the saying about ‘if you assume something…’!!

As well as all this, the name Immunisation Awareness Society is a little dated in itself. The term ‘immunisation’ isn’t accurate in itself and is a word we tend to avoid, as in common parlance it means ‘immunity acquired via a needle’, rather than true immunisation through natural means. Vaccination/vaccine is far more accurate, and a word we’re much happier to include in our name.

And the ‘NZ’ should be fairly self-explanatory, given we’re based in this beautiful little country at the bottom of the world.

So there we have it – a new name, a new look, and a new wave of hope for a positive future. Be ever wary of those expectations, and stay tuned for the same information and support you’ve always had from the organisation formerly known as the IAS, henceforth known as WAVESnz.