Thomson Reuters-NPR Health Poll Finds One in Four Americans Believe Vaccines are Unsafe

MB Comment: A new poll by a respected polling organization reveals that 27% of Americans are concerned about the safety and value of vaccines. Such concerns are highest among college-educated and higher income individuals. Fears of vaccine side-effects and long-term health impacts of vaccines are the primary concerns cited in this poll.

28% of those under age 35 have refused or questioned doctor-recommended vaccines for themselves or their children. 21% believe vaccines are linked to autism and 9% believe vaccines are linked to cancer. Views about vaccines have changed over the past five years for 24% of those surveyed, with 59% reporting less favorable opinions.

These data indicate that contrived efforts to sugar-coat vaccine safety concerns are failing. The pharmaceutical industry and its puppets at the CDC, FDA and pediatricians’ offices are failing to convince educated and affluent members of society that vaccines are safe and effective. By implication, 27% of the public believes that the government, vaccine manufacturers, doctors and media outfits such as NPR, NY Times, LA Times, etc. are lying about vaccine safety. These sources refuse to acknowledge the basic definition of a vaccine adverse reaction that is found in medical textbooks. People are experiencing or hearing about such adverse reactions and are turning their backs on those who insist on inflicting them.

This represents a huge obstacle to the drug industry’s carefully-laid plans to introduce hundreds of new vaccines and make them mandatory for school attendance, medical treatment, employment and a growing list of other requirements. At the margin, informed health consumers will seek doctors, schools and jobs that don’t require compliance with potentially-harmful vaccines.

The Refusers salute the 27% of Americans who are rightfully concerned about vaccine safety.

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