Vaccination Sacrifices – Part 2

Following on from Vaccination Sacrifices (part 1), I also wanted to bring up another point regarding the research article I had mentioned.

The article talks about the vaccine compensation schemes that have been implemented in 19 countries worldwide. The article states that “Several countries finance their programmes from national, state or municipal treasuries or, in the case of Japan, a mixture of each. Finland, Norway and Sweden use a manufacturers’ levy. New Zealand’s scheme is financed from several sources including levies on employers, employees and motor vehicle owners, government funding and investment returns.” In other words, good ol’ ACC has to foot the bill for damage caused by vaccine manufacturers.

Sorry to sound a bit daft, but could someone please explain to me why motor vehicle owners (among others) have to pay for individuals who have been disabled due to adverse reactions from vaccines, manufactured by pharmaceutical companies? Where are the vaccine manufacturers’ financial obligation in all this? Am I the only person who thinks it is crazy for a company to be responsible for lifelong injury to an individual and not have to compensate that person financially?

Some countries, such as the USA and China, impose a tax on vaccines, which fund these compensation schemes. Could this be an option for NZ? I certainly wouldn’t advocate the compensation plan in NZ to be scrapped completely, as the only losers will be the vaccine damaged individuals who will then have to personally take the vaccine manufacturer to court. There are too many horror stories of individuals attempting to take on this tremendous task, only to end up getting bogged down with years of legal proceedings and huge financial expenses. In one instance, a woman waited 18 years before receiving a payout for the harm done to her baby because of the MMR vaccine (Donnely, 2010). However, I do feel that the current system of ACC paying out for vaccine injured individuals needs to be improved.

According to an article in the Dominion post (Hill, 2009), ACC paid out in 53 cases of injury due to the flu vaccine (for the period July 1, 2005 to March 31, 2009). That’s 53 payouts for the flu vaccine alone. It does not even include payouts from the piles of other vaccines being fobbed off onto New Zealanders, that have had damaging side effects. A search on the ACC website was not able to tell me exactly how much is spent every year on payouts to vaccine damaged individuals – if anyone reading this blog is able to assist me in getting hold of these figures, I would greatly appreciate this.

Personally, I feel that companies manufacturing vaccines need to take more financial responsibility for the damage they are causing to the lives of so many people, not just in Aotearoa, but around the world. If you eat at a restaurant and get food poisoning, you would expect compensation from the restaurant. If you went on a ride at an amusement park and were injured because of faulty equipment, you would expect compensation from the amusement park. There are endless examples of where you would expect compensation from a company/individual if they caused you harm….why are pharmaceutical companies the exception to this rule?

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