Vaccination Thoughts

Wow! My first blog article ever!

If someone told me even a year ago that I would be writing a blog for the IAS, I would have bought them a straight jacket. But I guess that is what happens when you get raised using only orthodox medicine and then decide to study natural medicine as an adult. It is going to challenge your way of thinking and make you wonder whether perhaps what you have been raised to believe is not the “be all and end all.”

Let me explain…

We had the loveliest family doctor in my home town – our whole family went to see him whenever we were not well. He even delivered my youngest sister – on his birthday – and they have shared a very special bond ever since. The thought never occurred to question any of his treatments because, well, he is a doctor. So, of course he knows what is best. It was the same for me with vaccinations. Everyone got them, so they must be safe, right? I have got a scar on my right arm, slightly larger than an old 50c coin, with 10 scarred little dots in a circle round the outside. My vaccination battle wounds from childhood. I was about 22 when I wore a singlet for the first time, because I was so ashamed of the scar on my arm. Call me vain, but it really bugged me when I would see people staring at my arm and then eventually ask me if someone had bitten me (it does kinda look like human teeth marks).

In 2009, I was working at Flight Centre and made sure all my clients got their vaccinations up to date before travelling. After all, if you got all your shots you were not meant to get sick. As far as I knew, there were no side-effects (other than maybe feeling a bit fluey afterwards). And, once you had a shot, it was a guarantee that you would not get the disease you were vaccinated for. I had never actually done any reading up on vaccinations – my thoughts were based purely on the belief that (1) everyone got them, (2) doctors advocated them, so they must be safe, (3) it was only a weakened form of the bug they were injecting (and nothing else) and that would help you gain immunity for life.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to understand that I have never questioned orthodox medicine or vaccinations, because I believed that there was no way doctors would inject anything in our bodies that was not safe for us. Yes, I was naive, but the sad reality is that there are (dare I say) millions of other people out there in the world who believe exactly the same as I did – that vaccinations are safe, because the medical establishment tells us so, so why should we bother to question it?

I had a rude awakening when I started my Bachelor of Natural Medicine in February 2010. Suddenly, I was challenged to think for myself instead of just accepting what the media and doctors had told me to believe. One of my papers discussed vaccinations and for the first time, I started reading up on what they actually contain and what the possible side-effects are. I read Hilary Butler’s books, “Just a little prick” and “From one prick to another,” as well as Sue Claridge’s “Investigate before you vaccinate.” I found articles and forums online about vaccine damaged children and children who have died after experiencing adverse vaccine reactions. I felt like my eyes had opened and now there is no way I can ever turn back.

Sometimes I get incredibly angry when I think of all the biased information the government, media, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies are feeding us. They say money talks and it is true. Other times, I just get really sad when I think of all the vaccine damaged children that could have been protected. Then there are times when I get really anxious thinking of the world my unborn child will grow up in. Will he even have a choice about getting vaccinated or not, or will the government simply decide to make vaccinations compulsory (not without a big paycheque from the pharmaceutical companies of course)?

I have finally realised that it is no use getting frustrated about these things…all I can do is to take action and ensure our right to choose is protected and that as much information about the true cost of vaccination is shared with the people of New Zealand and around the world. So here I am, starting off with my first blog and looking forward to many more to come!