Vaccines –

  • bypass our first lines of defence; the skin and the mucous membranes > introduce bacteria and viruses that are chemically and/or genetically modified and contaminated with foreign tissues, proteins and other viruses
  • expose the immune system to many infectious (and other) diseases at once and this does not happen in our natural environment
  • contain adjuvants, preservatives, antibiotics and a variety of toxic chemicals as stabilisers.

Our immune system, skin and mucous membranes, protect our vital internal organs from invasive infection and harmful substances. In contrast the contents of a vaccine have access to our bloodstream and organs with no warning through the natural cell mediated immune response.

Also, the magnitude of the attack is not tracked through the tagging system. Only the humoral arm of the immune system is stimulated by the flood of antigens and additives, reacting to generate a short-lived antibody response to the invasion.

Having reacted after a vaccine, the immune system may ‘hyper-react’ when the same (or similar) substance presents again through food, the lungs or skin. This is why an allergy to an ingredient in vaccines is a contra-indication to having them.

  • Yeast and egg allergies are contra-indications to vaccines cultivated in yeast or chick embryo cells because they can set off a dangerous and unnatural immune response called anaphylaxis or allergic response.
  • MSG, gelatin, peanut or nut oil, antibiotics and foreign proteins in vaccines may also trigger life –threatening reactions yet there are few studies to investigate any links. A 2007 report states that “exercise- induced asthma (EIA) may be an anaphylactic reaction to a food rather than a response to physical activity.”9
  •  In 2001 a study estimated that anaphylaxis is not as rare as generally believed, affecting 1 – 15% of the US population,10 and a five-fold increase in life-threatening food allergies in the decade between 1994 and 2005 is noted in another study.11

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