Vaccinations and your "Duty To Society"


“It’s your personal responsibility to contribute to the community’s best interest.”
“It’s really not about you.”
“It’s about doing the simple things that are really part of your social contract with your community,” “It’s basically a selfish thing to not get vaccinated.”

“Your child will be an infectious disease risk to others”

“Your vaccination decision not only affects your child, but also all of your family, your child’s friends, and your community.”

“It’s part of your social contract that you have with everybody else, with your family, your community and your country, to get vaccinated.”

“Vaccinations should be compulsory and anyone who refuses to get their child immunised shouldn’t be allowed to let their child out in public. If you want to “protect” your child from vaccines, go ahead. But keep them cloistered as unvaccinated people are dangerous to everybody.” (A New Zealand newspaper article).

These are just a few quote’s I found while searching for background info for my blog this week. I have become a little numb to what some people (including ‘professionals’) write in articles that I don’t believe to be, and have evidence against being correct, so I don’t quite know how reading these quotes and many more, made me feel. But I guess it still had an effect on me (especially being one who it’s aimed at by choosing not to vaccinate my children). The idea that people (including friends and family) would think of my children as ‘a risk’, and myself for making this decision as ‘selfish’ and that I have the whole community (including sick children) at the mercy of my hands, is just plain ignorant, if you ask me. Its pathetic even.

Making vaccinations seem like they are your duty to your community is the final step in convincing you. It’s the trump card played by those defending vaccines. When all else fails, use guilt. It’s in our nature, especially in a parents nature, to feel guilt. This is especially so when we are told that “unvaccinated children pose a threat to children and adults who can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons” (people with leukemia and other cancers) or “those to young to be vaccinated, such as new born babies”. It’s a sad world we live in really, that vaccinations are thought by many to be the only solution to be able to avoid these illnesses and stay healthy. Like I said in my last blog, ‘Vaccines and the loss of confidence in mum’s today’, where did a mothers confidence go in taking care of her children? So then, why does a mother feel vaccines are the number one solution to protect their children against illnesses? Why are they driven to feel like their friend, neighbour, sister, brother or cousin’s children are a danger to their children? What has driven them…or who, has driven them to think this?

A barrier is being created between those that do choose to vaccinate and those that don’t (or those that just choose to give some, or to delay them until their child is older). Its sad that it has come to this point, that friends and family are divided and rifts are caused because of beliefs.

Now I know what kind of a person I am, and I am certainly not selfish (that does not even come close to being one of my personality traits). I also know I am compassionate, empathetic and very socially aware. BUT, no matter what the community may or may not need, the health and the safety of my family is my number one priority. If you are not putting your children number one, then personally I think you need to rethink your priorities.
No body should make you feel guilty, or like you are putting others at risk by laying this guilt trip on your shoulders. It is not your duty to society to vaccinate your child!
We are not in World War One, where men were made to feel like it was their duty to society to enlist in the army.

Infact, there is a good analogy between the two actually. Perhaps the ‘order of the white feather’ is a similar thing happening with vaccinations today. Instead of a white feather being given to men not enlisted in the first world war, to try to shame them into it, a white note is sent home with the child from school when there is an ‘outbreak’. Our kids, and their parents are being shamed into vaccinating, just like the men who did not believe in going to war were. They too, did not believe in the cause, they did not want to risk their safety, but they got treated like they were selfish, like they were not doing their duty to society.

What this ‘trump card’ is based on is ‘herd immunity’. In a recent IAS blog ‘How many are practicing herd immunity?’, it is explained, so I will not delve into it too deeply, (the writer does a great job at covering it). But basically this theory is not proven to actually work, so for this to be the basis of where many of these advocates of vaccination’s ‘duty to society’ rants come from, is false. What this ‘herd immunity’ theory ultimately means, is that the health of the ‘herd’ is more important than the health of any single life. That ‘single life’ they are talking about could be the life of your child. If you have been following my blogs so far, you will know that I have been piecing together a story about my first child whose immune system is corrupted, (I believe), by the vaccines I choose to give her. So for me, this ‘single life’ represents her allergies, her eczema, her daily suffering and her immune system that does not quite function as it should, now. But I guess she is just ‘one single life’, if it’s just one life, it’s worth it right? Well actually it’s more like five lives, as our whole family suffers for it. And I guess you could extend those five lives, to the other millions around the world who has had adverse reactions, been brain damaged, have corrupted immune systems, and have died. But it’s all in the name of the ‘herd’ and it’s only ‘one single life’, so it does not really count does it? So what about these ‘single lives’, are they all worth the “health of the herd”? I don’t think any life is worth risking at the expense of the community. I believe it’s your right to make a fully informed decision to vaccinate, or not to vaccinate, or to do something in between, but to do what is in the best interests of your children and your family. They come first!

The biggest flaw with the ‘herd immunity’ theory I find, is the concept that a disease can be stopped in its tracks if enough of the herd (community) is vaccinated. The target or quota is 95%. Why is it then, that even ‘fully vaccinated populations’, can contract these diseases? Even in populations that have 100% vaccination rates, eruptions of diseases still occur. How does that work, if the ‘herd immunity’ argument is right? Is it, that vaccines may be an unreliable method of preventing disease?

Diseases have a cycle. And it is with this cycle that the ‘herd’ (community) develops its immunity to these diseases, (well it’s how the herd used to develop its immunity). Take measles for example. Before vaccines, outbreaks of measles occurred in two-three year cycles, and 95% of the population developed immunity by the age of fifteen. The original idea that vaccination could strengthen the herd’s immunity, assumed that there was only one clinical event, and that one natural exposure meant life-long immunity. But this was not the case back when the diseases circulated freely, (and it is not the case now). Vaccine manufacturers miss the point, that the body defends most efficiently as a result of ongoing re-exposure. They try to mimic this with booster shots. This cycle still occurs today despite vaccines and is the reason why fully vaccinated communities still have disease ‘outbreaks’. If you think about the natural process of why these cycles occur, messing with it, is a recipe for destruction.

Most childhood illnesses are self-limiting, rarely dangerous and have few serious consequences (despite the scare tactics used to make you think otherwise). In fact, these illnesses can be of benifit to your child as they stimulate and encourage their defence systems which play a crucial role in strengthening their immunity. Children who experience an illness and fight the sickness naturally have a much stronger immunity than children whose reponses are suppressed. Another thing to consider is that gaining this immunity early in life, protects your child into old age where illnesses can then be more complicated. This is the case with chicken pox, where vaccination renders the elderly more prone to shingles infections. And without true lifelong immunity, your child then lacks the ability to pass on maternal immunity (through breastfeeding). This is a scary notion. To think we are breeding generations of humans that are unable to protect their children from diseases in a natural way, this is going well beyond what nature intended…and nature knows best! This is why we as humans have evolved and developed so sucessfully for hundreds of years! These disease cycles are not meant to be meddled with.

Another point to make is that bacteria and viruses are an essential part of nature. They exist everywhere and they must be preserved. The human bowel, for example, could not function without digestive bacteria. Germs and bacteria do not create illness. It is a person’s immune system and how it copes with these germs and bacteria that creates illness. So why is it that Instead of putting efforts into finding out why a very small number develop dangerous invasive conditions, vaccine advocates recommend vaccinating as often as possible in order to protect against something that would never be a danger to the vast majority of those vaccinated. If you constantly swab throats of healthy people, most would be carrying and circulating supposed pathogens, as commensals (living inside you, but not affecting you). This is the case with ‘neisseriae’ (the bacteria isolated in some cases of meningitis), the person has no idea they are even carrying it even though your body notes it and defends against it. It’s what are bodies are designed to do. Again, a natural process is being meddled with. The cascading effects, and the effects which may not have even shown there true colours yet is a scary thought.

I feel that this argument, about it being our duty to society to vaccinate, is garbage. Your children’s health, wellbeing and their safety should be your number one priority. You should always put your children first when it comes to their health and their wellbeing. It is not your reponsibility to ensure the health and safety of other children, that is up to their parents to do the right thing and keep them healthy. To even put the idea forward, to risk the safety and health of your child for the benefit of society, I think is ludicrous. It does not sit well with me. Your immune system holds the key to your health. There are times when a person’s immune system is strong and other times when it is weakened. This is why, when a group of people, exposed to the same germs respond differently, and why only some will get sick. If your immunity is strong, your body will be able to fight bugs and germs with ease, well before symptoms would normally eventuate. Good health is your best defense against illness. Perhaps it is time that many parents gain back control and confidence in being able to strengthen their children’s immune system and stop being scared of ‘germs’. Vaccination is not the easy and cheap way out…not when you may be faced with a child’s lifetime of corrupted immune system…or even worse.

As parents, the responsibility of the associated health threats of vaccinating and not vaccinating lie solely with you as a parent and no one else. You are the ones who will live with your decision and all of its consequences.
We have a duty to be able to make well informed choices that are in the best interests of our families, not to blindly follow what we are told.

Thanks for reading my blog ‘Vaccinations and your duty to society’, I hope it was some good food for thought.