Vaccine Deaths

Let me make this very clear right off the bat: it is always a tragedy when a child dies. The cause of death makes no difference.

Why do I mention this? Because I am seeing a very disturbing trend occurring more frequently among pro-vaccination groups – and that is the belief that it is okay for some children to die from vaccine reactions, so that others may be “saved” by vaccines. This is absolutely absurd! How can we, as human beings, willingly sacrifice a small infant in the name of “modern medicine?” If part of the risk of vaccination is that some might die, then that is simply not good enough. What ever happened to “First do no harm?”

The media are so quick to point out when unvaccinated children contract so called “vaccine-preventable diseases,” yet when parents tell of how their children died after receiving a vaccine, it is all put down to “coincidence” and their stories are swept under a rug. To all those parents who have lost children to vaccination, I dedicate this blog to you. You deserve for your stories to be told.

Below is just a small collection of some parents who were brave enough to speak up about their children dying after vaccination. I challenge anyone who believe that vaccine deaths are acceptable, to read the heart breaking stories of these parents, imagine yourself in their shoes, and then let me know if you would still think vaccine deaths are “just the price we pay for modern medicine,” if this happened to your child.

The first story is of an Ozzie mum, Stephanie Messenger, who watched her happy, placid baby arch his back, scream in pain and his eyes roll back into his head after receiving his vaccinations. Stephanie writes that “My dear little boy was no longer rolling over, gooing or gahing, in fact he wasn’t doing anything anymore. He was now over one year of age and had not progressed past 4 months of age, when he had his last immunisations. He had in fact regressed to a newborn state, although now he was the length of a toddler. I carried him around in a sling close to my heart and waited for the day he would leave me forever.” Read her full story here:

Ian Gromowski received the Hepatitis B vaccine when he was only 7 days old. For the next 40 days, his body tried to fight the severe allergic reaction he had to the vaccine, while his parents watched their newborn repeatedly stop breathing, endure bone marrow biopsies and operations. Ian passed away when he was only 47 days old and his brave parents documented their journey here:

Oscar Duffy was born asleep on 11/11/12, days after his mother received the flu and whooping cough vaccine while pregnant with him. The family is now seeking to have a law change to ensure pregnant women are better informed of the dangers of vaccination during pregnancy. They have set up a Facebook page to raise awareness of this issue:

Kiwi mother Rhonda Renata, watched her daughter Jasmine’s physical and mental health deteriorate after the Gardasil vaccine. Her daughter died a year later, after having received three doses of the vaccine. Hilary Butler wrote extensively about this case and much information can be found on her website about this, which the media in NZ were not brave enough to report:

Brave mother Sarah Moore talks about the death of her daughter Harriet after the MMR vaccine, in this video interview:

Belgian twins Stacy and Lesly were born one month premature and on the advice of doctors, their parents had them vaccinated with 9 vaccines (in one day) when they were only 8 weeks old (meaning they were still only a month old according to their adjusted age). A week later, Stacy died – the cause of her death was recorded as Meningitis, “an illness she was vaccinated against just one week before she died.”

In India, three-month-olds Tanujashree and Kancheepuram both died, hours after they were given the pentavalent vaccine in Tamil Nadu, with a further four deaths from the vaccine recorded in Kerala (

And here are just a few more articles reporting deaths from vaccination around the globe:

No doubt the pro-vaccination lobby will be very quick to point out that the above links are not from scientific journals or the mainstream media, however the reality is that none of those forums would be brave enough to publish these families’ stories. Most families who have lost a child through vaccination, have had to deal with a lot of ridicule and disbelief from the medical establishment, as vaccine deaths are simply not acknowledged. Next time you judge anyone who decides not to vaccinate their children, please keep the stories of these families above in mind. Vaccine deaths are very real.