Vaccine Ingredients – Part 2

Part 2 of my Vaccine Ingredients Series…

One of the required texts for the Anatomy and Physiology paper I’m doing this year is “Human Anatomy and Physiology” by Elaine N. Marieb. It is a well-respected textbook used world-wide for studies in health sciences. At the start of this semester, we studied the human immune system and what really struck me, was how many times it was mentioned in the book that we still have no idea how the immune system works!

healthy unvaccinated kids

On page 778, after talking about T cell maturation, it mentions that “less is known about the factors that control B cell maturation in humans” i.e. they haven’t quite figured out how B cells mature in our bodies yet. Another classic is on page 792, when they try to explain why the immune cells sometimes attack foreign human cells when a patient has received a graft. Their explanation is that “apparently, [emphasis mine] the cytotoxic T cells sometimes ‘see’ the foreign class I MHC antigens as a combination of self class I MHC protein bound to foreign antigen” i.e. they don’t actually [emphasis mine] know how it works, but this is their best guess. On the same page, the regulatory T Cells are discussed and at the end of the paragraph they state “the function and development of these cells and their subpopulations is currently a hot research topic.” Why do they need to research it? Surely they must know exactly how our immune systems work by now? They wouldn’t introduce the toxic ingredients, contained in vaccines, into our bodies unless they knew exactly how our immune system works and how it would react to these foreign toxins, right? Or would they?

When talking about how autoimmune disease arises (page 797), they say that “It appears [emphasis mine] that one of the following events may [emphasis mine] trigger this.” Really? So you don’t actually know what causes the immune system to attack itself? And last but not least, page 776 says “at first antibodies were thought to be the sole artillery of the adaptive immune system, but in the mid-1900s it was discovered that injection of antibody-containing serum did not always protect the recipient from diseases the serum donor had survived.” So, they didn’t quite know how the immune system worked then and they don’t quite know how it works now. Who’s to say that what they think [emphasis mine] they know about the immune system now, is not going to change again and if it does, how will that affect what we’ve been putting into our bodies and the consequences this will carry?

So, what I’m trying to bring across, is that I am simply wondering about the fact that the medical establishment doesn’t fully understand how our immune systems work yet. Personally, I’m going to hang around for a while and see what else they discover about our immunity…maybe one day I’ll come across a medical textbook that says “we used to think that the toxic ingredients in vaccines were safe to inject into humans, but in the 21st century we realised that the human body was made perfect as it is, with its own amazing defence system, ready to fight disease as long as the person has a healthy diet and takes responsibility for their own well-being.”

Now that’s the kinda textbook I’d like to buy!