Vaccine Ingredients

“The effects of exposure to any hazardous substance depend on the dose, duration, how you are exposed, personal traits and habits and whether other chemicals are present.”
(Material Safety Data Sheet, Phenol)

Much of the information on side effects or hazards of vaccine ingredients is only available for ingestion, skin or lung exposure.

Many of them can only be handled while wearing personal protective equipment such as suits, gloves, enclosed shoes, masks and safety glasses.

Exposure by injection provides the potential for harmful substances to target vulnerable organs, the consequences of which have not been studied or measured.


In 1993 a high court judge in the UK decided that it was impossible to know the exact contents of vaccines and that science had no idea what the cocktail of chemicals, contaminants and heavy metals contained in vaccines could do to the human body, or why they would work to prevent disease.39

There are few studies to examine the effect of the accumulation of the heavy metals (aluminium, mercury) or other components (formaldehyde, borax, phenol) contained in vaccines.

  • It is known that two chemicals together may be 10 times as toxic as either separately, or 3 chemicals 100 times more toxic.40
  • Some doctors delay or decline to give vaccinations to their own children, “expressing the same concerns as those that prevail in the public.”41
  • Merck was forced to recall 1.2 million doses of  contaminated Hib vaccines because equipment had not been properly sterilised; children were administered vaccines from these lots.42
  • Pharmaceutical companies who benefit from the sale of vaccines aim to have expensive vaccines such as Prevenar and Gardasil approved and subsidised by governments as a requirement.43 They also fund the medical trials for safety and effectiveness and have advisors on the panels that determine approval of vaccines. Government approved mass vaccination campaigns have been used to test the safety of HPV and meningococcal vaccines.

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