Vaccine Ingredients – Part 1

What about vaccine ingredients?

I always thought vaccines only consisted of weakened viruses which were injected in the body to stimulate our immune systems. I never gave it any further thought as to what else was in the vaccine or how/on what the virus would have to be cultured. My blissful ignorance made me believe that however vaccines were made, it had to be safe, otherwise the government wouldn’t allow us or our children to be injected with it, right?

healthy unvaccinated 3 year old sleeping soundly

Needless to say I was in complete shock when I bought Sue Claridge’s fantastic book “Investigate Before You Vaccinate,” and turned to page 44 which states: “The cell cultures used to grow the viruses and bacteria include monkey kidney (vero cells), foetal calf serum, chick embryo fluid, yeast and human diploid cells (cells from aborted human foetuses). WHAT?! You mean to tell me that we are injecting aborted human fetal cells into our babies?! But wait, there’s more! In order to inactivate the viruses, the pharmaceutical companies use formaldehyde (an embalming fluid). SERIOUSLY?! Oh, it gets better!!! Some vaccines also contain mercury, aluminium, preservatives, stabilisers, lactose, sorbitol, sodium chloride, sucrose, sodium borate, magnesium chloride, sodium phosphate, hydrolised gelatine, neomycin, gentimicin, streptomycin and human albumin – all injected right into our little baby’s body.

Complete confusion came over me as I tried to comprehend the logic of injecting these foreign, toxic substances into a newborn baby’s undeveloped immune system. Weren’t we created perfect as we are? Do we really need to be “fixed” or “made better” by injecting these substances into our bodies? If we were meant to have formaldehyde and monkey cells in our bodies in order for our immune systems to work, wouldn’t we have been born with it? If we’re all suddenly going to get sick or die if we don’t get these vaccines, then how did we survive for tens of thousands of years without these ingredients inside us? How do we know what the long term effects of these substances in our bodies will be?

These were just some of the questions going through my head as I was struggling to come to grips with what I had just read. Of course, this was followed by anger at the authorities for allowing this to happen, as well as parents for being so ignorant as to inject their children with these toxins.

Then it hit me! I realised that until 10 minutes earlier, I didn’t know what were in these vaccines so chances are, most parents don’t have a clue either! But where can they go to find this information? Certainly not in their doctor’s waiting room, among all the “Women’s Day” magazines? No, for them to find this information, they’ll need to actively go and search it out…and who has time for that? Much easier to just put our trust in doctors and the authorities to take the responsibility for our health choices.

It also made me realise how lucky we are to have so much information at our finger tips these days. My parents didn’t have the luxury of the Internet “back in the day” – so I can totally understand that they chose to vaccinate us when the “authorities” told them to do so. There was no way they would have been able to find out what was actually in these vaccines, unless they went to a medical library and spent hours going through medical research articles manually.

I was so distraught by what I had read that I posted the question on my Facebook page, “Who thinks it’s ok to inject monkey cells and mercury into a 6 week old baby’s body?” Apart from the usual ignorant replies such as “vaccines are safe” and “vaccines have reduced childhood deaths…bla bla bla,” not a single person actually had the guts to stand up and say “Yes, I think it’s a good idea to inject monkey cells and mercury into a 6 week old baby’s body.” Well, I’m no rocket scientist (or medical researcher for that matter), but something just doesn’t sound right to me about injecting these nuero-toxins into our children. I also don’t think I need a medical degree to be able to come to this simple conclusion.

What do you think?

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