Vaccine Safety?

Just How Do These Medical Companies Deem Vaccines Safe?

“While the myriad short-term hazards of most immunizations are known (but rarely explained), no one knows the long term consequences of injecting foreign proteins into the body of your child. Even more shocking is the fact that no one is making any structured effort to find out.” Dr Roberty Mendelsohn MD

When I thought of this week’s blog topic, I thought it would be a quick and simple one to write, as I have learnt a bit now with the hoards of information I have read on vaccine safety. But when I did a more thorough search, it was like opening Pandora’s box. There is so much to say on the lack of safety studies I cannot cover it all, this blog has become a pretty lengthy one, but I could have written pages and pages more. It’s unbelievably scary to think that these vaccines are deemed safe for our precious children’s underdeveloped systems. Our children, our babies, our families, THEY are the safety trials, they are the lab rats and they are the guinea pigs for the dangerous and not properly tested vaccines. You cannot believe any person who tells you that vaccines are safe; it is just hearsay. When something is not tested long-term, it’s not possible to know. No one can tell you that they know what these combined doses and an increased vaccine schedule will do to our children in the future. If you open your eyes you will see the effects are already showing with the huge increase of chronic illnesses in children today. So just how DO these medical companies deem vaccines safe?

First of all, to explain how ‘unhealthy’ our children really are today: allergies such as eczema, asthma, hay fever and food sensitivities are skyrocketing in children (worldwide statistics are as high as 40-50%). Bowel problems such as celiac, crohn’s disease and colitis are dramatically increasing. One in 110 are diagnosed with autism today (a prevalence of about 1% of children) and other neurological damage are on the rise also. ADD and behavioural problems are rapidly increasing and epilepsy, autoimmune diseases, leukaemia, blindness and deafness are at all time high’s. Why are our children so ‘unhealthy’ today? What is causing all of these dramatic increases of illnesses and disabilities? Why has there been such a sharp rise over the last ten, twenty years? There is no way you can tell me that its because doctors are better at diagnosing these illnesses! When I was at school, (primary and college), through the eighties and nineties I remember not one child in my classes had any of these illnesses. Diagnosed or not, the symptoms were not there, because the illness was not there!

I believe that vaccines are one big money making scam. Somehow the majority of the worlds’ population has been conned into believing that it’s for the benefit of our, and our children’s health. The biggest tell tale sign of this is vaccine safety testing, or the lack of.

How many people know that no long-term study has ever been carried out on vaccines, EVER? No study has been carried out on the effects on multiple vaccines given at the same time. No study has been carried out on the increase of the vaccination schedule from ten or twenty years ago. No study has been carried out on the effect of vaccines on sick or premature babies. And no large-scale study has been done to compare vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. The question is why?

Why would this be so, especially if it’s the health of our children that is meant to be in the best interests of the vaccine manufacturers?  Wouldn’t you think that the effects these vaccines are having on our children and their long-term effects would be at the forefront of scientific studies? Why, when there is the dramatic increase in childhood chronic illnesses and disabilities in today’s world, is the most blatantly obvious question not being asked…is it vaccines? (Well of course it’s being asked, but not by the vaccine manufacturers, that’s for sure). The answer that is given is: “vaccines are tested more extensively than any other drugs before they’re approved for the public because they’re given so widely to healthy people. First, vaccines go through several rounds of testing: in computer models, in animals, and then in a small group of human volunteers. They’re then tested on a larger scale in a stage known as clinical trials. The manufacturing process is also reviewed for safety.” If this is the case I hate to think what testing is like for “any other drug” on the market today! I will try to explain their safety-testing flaws.

Imagine a piece of paper headed with the word vaccines, under this, on one side is written safe, on the other side is written unsafe. Put an invisible cross for each point I make for vaccine safety and count them up afterwards to work out if you think they are tested safely or not.

The first cross is: The ‘safety studies’ that are done for short time periods only (several days to several weeks). There are NO long-term safety studies on any vaccination carried out. So any delayed-type vaccine reaction is unrecognised as to what is the ‘actual’ cause. The MMR vaccine’s longest safety study carried out was three weeks. So, to say that one more time: the mumps, measles and rubella vaccine that we give our children without a second thought, and with total trust in the doctors advice that it is ‘safe’ has only ever been tested by the makers of this vaccine for three weeks only. How is three weeks going to ever tell them if it is safe or not? This is ludicrous!

The second cross is: When vaccines are first studied for safety in animals, they are only designed to look at a very narrow spectrum of potential harm the vaccine could do. Also, certain breeds of mice are hardier than others, and most trials are done in adult mice, rather than in infant or suckling mice like they should be. The reality is that mouse tests are irrelevant to human biology in many ways and although they are just ‘stepping stones’ to more relevant human trials, it is still questionable as to how effective mice are, in the first step of deeming vaccines safe for our children.

Another cross is: When vaccines are studied, there are no true placebo groups. The vaccine is tested on one group of immunised children and is compared against another group of immunised children. To see realistic side-effects you would need to be testing the placebo on unvaccinated children.

Another cross, which I wrote about in my last blog, (What If I Still Choose To Give My Children Vaccinations?) is: In safety trials, only healthy babies are used. So how can vaccines be deemed safe for every baby and child, when safety tests have only ever been carried out on healthy mothers and babies? I will repeat myself from last week’s blog and put a shortened list of what mothers and babies can be excluded from safety trials for:

  • · The baby was born before 37 weeks gestation, and weighed less than 2500g at birth.
  • ·The baby needed resuscitation, received IV medication antibiotics for suspected infection, or might have any suspected medical, congenital, developmental, or surgical disease involving the immune system, central nervous system, congenital abnormalities, seizures or multi-organ dysfunction that they can’t see, but could be a possibility.
  • ·The baby has or has suspected health problems.
  • ·A member in the family had an immune system that does not work properly.
  • ·The mother had problems before or in labour, such as prolonged rupture of membranes lasting longer than 18 hours.
  • ·The mother was given antibiotics for an infection.
  • ·The mother had diabetes.
  • ·The mother had a pregnancy problem such as the placenta coming away suddenly or pre-eclampsia.

So even though the vaccine may end up being considered safe, it’s only safe in that very small segment of babies it was tested on. So it’s a case of ‘if we don’t look, we wont find’ (I will delve into this further on). And, because there are no safety studies carried out long-term, any of the effects on these ‘unhealthy’ babies that do not show up almost immediately (which would usually be the case), are not seen as vaccine related. Its absolutely disgusting that vaccines are considered safe, (and even pushed), for sick children, for premature babies and for babies with congenital defects, even for immunodeficient babies, (as long as the vaccine is not live). But there has never been a safety study done on these babies to support this. It really is appalling…surely these babies deserve more!


So if your child is slightly unwell, perhaps has a mild fever, a runny nose, a slight cough, or is a little bit irritable, but is still advised that they are well enough to be given the vaccines, what happens if that slightly unwell was the beginning of something more, like the flu for example? And what if something unusual happens to your child after the vaccine? Well, it could never be put down to the vaccine could it, because nothing like that was seen in safety trials? Doctors see an official report saying that the potency is effective, the vaccine is safe, and assume that the vaccine is safe in all possible aspects, for every possible reaction.

So you then become part of the hundreds of other parents told it was a coincidence and that it could not have been the vaccine, as no vaccine trials ever had those adverse reactions. So you cannot list your ‘coincidental’ side effect on the adverse reactions database as its not actually seen as an adverse reaction. And you then have to struggle with a sick, disabled or chronically ill child, sometimes for the rest of its life without support. Plus, the other parents and children who suffer the same fate struggle along just the same, alone, always wondering how, and made to feel stupid that they even suggested it could have been vaccines. And no dots can ever be joined, because it’s very rarely ever reported.


Yet another cross is: The placebo controls used on people in the safety trials, use adjuvant’s minus the virus. A real and effective placebo would have to be saline water for example. Evidence shows that the greatest danger from vaccines is from the vaccine adjuvant, (thimerosal for example). So how these controls are a proper marker for a placebo I don’t know. This seems to be blatant manipulation in my eyes.


Another cross is: When a new drug or vaccine is put on the market, it’s usually based on 5,000-10,000 subjects who have received it, because that’s all you need for FDA approval. So, if there is an adverse reaction that has an incidence of 1 in every 20,000 associated with that drug or vaccine, it will not be detected straight away and may be missed in safety trials. Therefore, when a new vaccine is brought out, our children are the trials. This was the case with the rotavirus vaccine, in which it was found to cause intestinal blockages in children. This was not picked up of course in the 10,000 test subjects before it was released.


On top of the vaccine false ‘safety’ trials, in a paper by Gayle DeLong, she describes how ‘conflicts of interest’ are at play with the organisations that ultimately deem these vaccines safe. Such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) being funded by pharmaceutical companies. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) control prevention and control of disease, injury and disability. Their main method is by promoting vaccination. Upon FDA approval, they set the recommended vaccination schedule. BUT, they ALSO are in control of doing research on vaccine safety. So if the CDC promotes vaccinations without first assuring their safety, how can they also control disabilities caused by vaccines? They certainly would not be in support of genuine research into vaccine safety. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is meant to be an independent non-profit agency. However, it does take grants for the CDC. Therefore, the study on the link between vaccines containing thimerosal and autism found that “though a link between autism and vaccines was theoretically possible, no causal link had been found in epidemiological studies”. Of course, they would not want to find anything that would risk loosing their grants. Medical Journals’ advertising revenue accounts for up to 99% from pharmaceutical companies. So it’s certainly safe to say that there is a conflict of interest there!,%20Gayle%20DeLong.pdf.



So why is it do you think that no long term safety studies on vaccines have been done? And why is it that no large-scale study on thimerasol being the root cause of autism has been done, no large-scale study comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated children, or no study on combined doses of vaccines, or no study on the increase of the vaccination schedule, been done? An easy answer: conflicts of interest. The easiest way to avoid finding something that you don’t want to find is not to look for it in the first place.


This last point is the MAJOR reason why the studies that are done on vaccines are poor quality, have an intentionally misleading nature and all come to the conclusion that: “although vaccines may potentially cause bla bla bla, there is no evidence to support this claim bla bla bla, therefore, there is no reason to suggest bla bla bla that vaccines are unsafe bla bla bla.” Those that could be looking, and SHOULD be looking, are not looking because they know what they will find, and they do not want to, and cannot find the answer, which will be that vaccines are both ineffective and unsafe as can be!


The one major study that would be the most obvious and most easiest study to carry out, and one that would probably blow the whole vaccine theory out of the water is: a large-scale comparison between vaccinated and unvaccinated children.  There is only one reason for this lack of study: the distinction between the two groups is so dramatic that all of the techniques used to twist results cannot hide the obvious results they will find. That unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated.


A note here is that there have certainly been many studies to support how dangerous vaccines are, how unsafe they really are, the array of illnesses and disabilities they cause in children today and how unvaccinated children are far healthier than vaccinated children. However, the studies that the medical profession and the studies that your doctor would quote you, have to be peer reviewed and in certain medical journals. So, although there are countless, credible studies by reputable doctors and organisations, they are all discounted, as they do not come from “reputable sources”. Studies need to be from independent sources that do not have ‘conflicts of interest’ and financial ties, but the studies that deem these vaccines safe all are. They do not want to study the safety of these vaccines properly, because they know what they will find.


Yes, the vaccines manufacturers are concerned about safety…but only the safety of their own wallets and the loss it may have on them if parents start to question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. When worldwide sales of childhood vaccines alone were US $11.5 billion in 2009, and is expected to reach US$20 billion by 2014, there is a lot to loose for these companies! You would be blind not to see that there are conflicts of interests, and deaf to not hear the till cha cha cha chinging , even all the way down here in New Zealand.


We owe it to our children to do independent research, gain some confidence and realise that the health and wellbeing of your children and family should not be left in the hands of the vaccine manufacturers, question the orthodox medical world and the safety of vaccines!


Thank you for reading my blog.