Vaccines…If Only I Had Given It Some Thought

Vaccines…If Only I Had Given It Some Thought

To vaccinate your child or not is certainly the biggest decision you will make for your child’s future…it’s not something to be taken lightly, and not something to be naive about…like I was, and like so many others are. So this is our families’ story…its never too late for a life wake up, to gain back the confidence you deserve and should have as a parent and it’s never too late for change! I hope it might help you see things from a regular mothers eyes and give you the confidence to look into vaccines and make this important decision for yourself…

The difference in my three children’s immune systems is evident that one of them is the odd one out.

My oldest came into the world just over 4 years ago. We were naive young parents who did not give vaccines a second guess. We did not think whatsoever about them, it was just what you did. My daughter was born over in Australia and so was given Hep C at birth, and then the similar vaccine schedule as here (Australia does Hep C at birth then the same vaccines as ours but at 2, 4, 6, 12, 18 months and 4 years). We moved back home to NZ when she was 6 months old and continued the schedule here….up until her 15 month vaccines…when we finally woke up and realised that being a parent meant making your own choices, rather than having them made for you. It meant following your intuition and motherly instincts, rather than what is handed to you in a shiny government-funded pamphlet, or told to you by doctors, nurses and those around you, and that it is not just about cruising through life and following the norm but finding out information for yourself and second guessing all information no matter what it is or who gives it to you.

At six weeks old my daughter developed eczema and it has been a daily battle ever since. She has multiple allergies (certain nuts, dogs, cats, dustmites and I have just discovered the garlic family…and who knows what else I am yet to find). She itches most of the day and night, and there is barely a day without itching. It has taken an emotional toll on both her and the family. And although she is an amazingly beautiful, loving and creative child, it has had such an affect on her personality, and will probably have a longterm effect on her personality also. She certainly would not be such an anxious child if she did not have the constant itching fuelling high adrenaline levels through her body.

My other two children on the other hand have no allergies or eczema whatsoever thus far. My other daughter who is 2 1/2 and my boy who is 5 months old has barely had a cold. My middle child had a small cold after birth, a 2 day sniffle last year and a minor cold this year. She can come into contact with others who have colds and not catch any thing. My boy is only 5 months but so far he seems to be following in his big (middle) sisters immune systems foot steps. They have both never been to a doctor. My oldest on the other hand, although compared to most children around her, gets off pretty lightly with only 3-4 colds a year, she seems to catch colds off others easily, they last a lot longer and affect her much worse. She has also had two vomiting bugs (one lasting a week), and two very high random fevers.

We eat very healthy in our household. I limit sugar and preservatives. Treats to them are some berries, dried fruit or home baking. They eat organic fruit and vegetables and other foods where I can. They certainly have unhealthy things to eat, we like to go for picnics with bakery food, eat fish and chips on the beach, and have ice creams on the way home from town sometimes, but we just limit these things. We are human after all and life is to be enjoyed. The kids have probiotics everyday, flaxseed oil and mineral drops to give their developing bodies that extra boost. The girls were breastfed until around one year and my boy is still solely breastfed.

If my oldest did not take supplements and have such a good diet I can only imagine what her illnesses each year would be like. I know her few colds she does have each year and the odd sicknesses she has had is nothing compared to what many around her have and have had. Of course I am not blind to knowing that housing, family life, diet etc. play a major role in how healthy my kids are, when comparing against others around them. But I am comparing my three kids and the differences in their immune systems – not others.

So when you have three children in the same household, with the same upbringing, being exposed to the same things, why is it that two are as healthy as can be, and one is struggling somewhat? The only difference in them is that my oldest daughters immune system (I believe) has been corrupted by vaccines. So far her body has had 26 vaccines in ten injections (it makes me sick to my stomach admitting this). Her chronic eczema, her allergies (both of which are certainly not hereditary), and her slightly struggling immune system compared to my other two children despite her very healthy diet is trying to tell her and us something…STOP what you are doing please…you are going against the way nature intended my body to be…if you look after me right, the way you are I will fight any illnesses that I come into contact with in a natural way. I can do it because you look after me well with good vitamins and nutrients, and a healthy and happy household, but you are corrupting me with countless chemicals, and suppressing the thing you think you are making stronger by rendering me useless. Please stop now or it’s going to get worse!

I have stopped and am so sorry I did not sooner!

I really hope that we can do something to remedy what we have broken and she can come right. If I could go back in time and change that moment where I handed my new born baby over to the midwife to have her first vaccine I would. If I could go back in time and not have sat in the vaccine clinic waiting rooms with countless other parents with their screaming babies and not have gone through with it, I would. If I could turn back time and actually have thought about what I was putting into my daughters body, if I had of researched what the ingredients were, what the possible side-effects and long term effects could be, if I could look into what she was being vaccinated against and made the decision as to the risks of her actually developing those diseases, if I could have made an informed choice rather than just handing my baby over without a second thought, I would have. I wish I could, I wish I could take it all back and start again…but I can’t.

What I CAN do though is try to help other parents not make the same mistake we did, so that others do not have to carry around this daily guilt from not being properly informed in the decision for or against vaccinations; to delay them until they are older, or to only choose some if any. If I can help parents gain confidence in their decision, by opening their eyes that it’s never to late to wake up, become properly and thoroughly informed and possibly make a change, then perhaps that will be the reason for all of this (I am a big believer in “everything happening for a reason”).

My wish is that there are less children out there that have corrupted immune systems and unconfident parents. Our children need the full strength of their immune systems, like they need the full strength of parental confidence. Our children are our responsibility, and our responsibility only. Only us as parents have the right to make these choices, we are our child’s voice and we are our child’s protectors. We can’t let our child down by just complying with what is normal. We owe it to your child to protect them in an informed way. We created them, carried them for nine months, brought them into this world and now we owe it to them and their future.

Thank you for listening to my story.