Live Virus Vaccines

The potential long-term harmful effects of vaccines are rarely researched; vaccines are only monitored for a few weeks or months.

> The contamination of polio vaccine with monkey viruses from VERO cells, and the subsequent development of cancers is one example of how viruses can cross species through vaccinations and lead to other diseases.

> Vaccinations have also been linked to diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer, leukaemia, chronic fatigue syndrome and auto-immune diseases such as AIDS.

A 1984 study highlights why:

“Mass immunisation with live viral vaccines increases the probability of genetic recombination between live vaccine viruses and between live vaccine viruses and other viruses. Perhaps this is the reason for origination of new diseases within the last twenty years”64

When non-virulent viruses (i.e. assumed not able to produce disease) are mixed, they can produce a disease by complementing or by recombining.65

In a nutshell –


  • when two or more viruses are combined they can make new strains of virus
  • virus grown for a vaccine on any animal tissue may be contaminated by viruses present in the tissue used
  •  these viruses may be tested for but they can be ‘dormant’ or inactive at the time and won’t be detected
  • there may be active or dormant viruses present in vaccines that have not been tested for contamination
  • the practice of growing viruses for vaccines on animal tissues provides the opportunity for viruses to cross species and to cause new diseases.

Vaccination with viral vaccines can cause symptoms of the disease and expose others to the strains in the vaccines.

64 De Long R, A possible cause of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and other new diseases Med Hyp 1984;13:395-397
65 Javier RT et al, Two avirulent herpes smplex viruses generate lethal recombinants in vivo, Science 1986;234:746-747

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