Whooping Cough Vaccine and Pregnancy

whooping cough pregnancyThere is a new and extremely disturbing trend to give pregnant women vaccines. It is currently acceptable to take the Flu vaccine, and now the Boostrix (Dtap) vaccine is being recommended. This belief is slowly being spoonfed to the general public and soon it will be common practice to give vaccines routinely as part of each and every woman’s antenatal care.

The effects of almost all medications women take today to ease the temporary discomforts of pregnancy have never been determined so with most medications there is a warning that states pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take it. However, all vaccine data sheets simply state that the vaccines have never been tested on pregnant women and the potential effects of them in breast milk is unknown.

Who wants to experiment on a pregnant human and her unborn child? More importantly, what woman wants to be experimented on when she is pregnant? Apparently it is now acceptable to experiment on pregnant women, and with their full consent. It is another win/win scenario for the Pharmaceutical companies who are now tapping into a previously impenetrable market – mothers and their extremely vulnerable unborn children. If there is a “rare” side effect, the fact that the mother consented to this medical intervention leaves her without any compensation.

When you think about it, it really is an insane and dangerous route for the medical field to take. As I type these words, it still seems a bit unreal – like I am proposing the alternative reality of a Mad Medical World in which all persons have to comply with a dangerous act in order to have the baby they so long for.

Thankfully, we have not quite reached that point yet, but it seems not too far away. All that has to be done to get most people to comply in today’s society is to scare the crap out of new mothers and parents by stating in the media that the disease of the moment is inevitably a potential threat to their new bundle of joy who “will get sick and die if you do not take the shot”.. But this is nothing new. We have been made to be afraid of all vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs) over the years. As soon as a new vaccine is created and brought to market, the disease it’s used for suddenly becomes the biggest threat we have ever seen.

But like most news of the day most people fail to see that this is a pattern used over and over again and inevitably most of the population fall for the propaganda.

The whole H1N1 experience of 2009-2010 is a prime example. It turned out to be a dud. The question I would like to see answered, but no one is asking, is just how was this vaccine created, manufactured and distributed in a matter of months?

In the news recently they stated about 5,000 New Zealanders have been diagnosed with whooping cough. Sure, that is a big number but they neglect to inform you how many of those cases have been fully or partially vaccinated. If the journalists were truly being responsible, they would give you the facts and figures of age groups and who has been vaccinated.

Here is a critique of the TVNZ One news clip they aired recently on pregnant woman and the whooping cough vaccine. Here is a link to watch it if you wish.


I could only muster a chuckle here and there while watching the clip in order to make the misinformation seem like it was SUPPOSED to be a joke. Here are some of my reasons why:

1. The pregnant woman in the video DID NOT EVEN GET A VACCINE! It appears she does, but they do not show the needle going into her skin. Once the needle is supposedly taken out of her skin there is no mark at the supposed injection site which is quickly covered with a plaster. That does not mean that this woman did not get a vaccine previously, but it certainly is misleading the public to believe that the pregnant women featured in the news piece was getting a Boostirx vaccine without a problem.

2. The fact that no vaccine has ever been tested on pregnant or breastfeeding women was never mentioned. Any of the possible side effects from the vaccine were never mentioned. It was never mentioned that a vaccine data sheet on the Boostrix vaccine is available and should be read by the consumer before having the vaccine. The rights of the patient to have access to informed consent was never mentioned.

Here is the transcript from the news piece. Please note that all comments that are highlighted and in parenthesis are mine:

Pregnant women are being urged to get vaccinated against whooping cough in a bid to protect their unborn children against the potentially fatal disease.

New Zealand is in the grip of a whooping cough epidemic, with more than 5000 cases reported this year alone, including two babies who have died.

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, can lead to blindness, brain damage, and in severe cases, death.

(I have never heard of blindness being a potential risk of pertussis, maybe they are confusing it with measles? However, the same side effects can be caused by the vaccine, you only need to look at the vaccine data sheet to verify that fact.)

Medical experts today said pregnant women can play a role in protecting their children by taking up offers of vaccinations.

“By vaccinating the mums of unborn babies, we’ve given the mum the opportunity to build some antibodies and to pass these onto her unborn child,” said Dannemora Medical Centre head nurse, Gillian Davies.

Figures show that 70% of babies who contract whooping cough in the first few weeks of life, catch it from their parents or other close family members.

To combat this statistic four of New Zealand’s District Health Boards –  Counties Manukau, Capital and Coast, Canterbury, and Waikato – have begun to administer the vaccine to pregnant women for free. Waikato has been one of the regions worst hit by the whooping cough epidemic.

(These pregnant women are being used as guinea pigs)

Women in these areas will be offered the jab from around 20 weeks into their pregnancy to a fortnight after they’ve given birth.

(It should be noted that the stats of stillborn and spontaneously aborted children in these regions and everywhere in New Zealand in the coming year should be carefully reported and monitored.)

The DHBs will also encourage partners, siblings and relatives to get booster shots, especially as the busy Christmas season approaches.

“Because families start mixing together, school’s out, family visit from other parts of the country, other parts of the world, and people are often living in closer contact, unimmunised family members may be coming in,” said Davies.

Mum-to-be Keri Carter backed the move.

“I can’t protect my baby by giving her immunisations until she’s six-weeks-old, so from my point of view getting myself and my partner vaccinated decreases her chance of catching whooping cough,” she said.

(Are those really her words?)

However, the antibodies transferred to a baby from an immunised mother will only protect the infant for the first six-weeks of life. The baby must then receive its first whooping cough vaccine at six-weeks, followed by another at three-months and a following one at five-months.

(This statement is a huge lie. How could they possibly know this considering all vaccines on planet Earth have never been admittedly clinically tested or the information released on pregnant or breastfeeding women? And how convenient that the vaccine just happens to protect the baby up until 6 weeks, when the baby will be due to have it’s first Infanrix-Hexa shot?

If you believe this cannot be so, how could the government or people responsible to us in the medical field give vaccines to pregnant and breastfeeding women without knowing about potential side effects, here is the proof:


Which states

Adequate data on use during pregnancy or breastfeeding are not available; therefore prescribing decisions should be based on the possible risks and benefits for each patient.“)

(And to finish off the news piece):

Nearly 5000 New Zealanders have contracted whooping cough in the past 12 months, with 400 cases in the past few weeks alone.

One in 10 babies hospitalised with whooping cough end up in a neonatal intensive care unit. But even with constant 24-hour surveillance they have a one in six chance of dying or ending up with permanent brain or lung damage.”

I guess I am disillusioned already by what the news tells us, but with good reason, because they never tell the whole story which is what we deserve to have and which really what should be their job. Sensationalism is their modus operandi always – contrary to our beliefs they are not a public service, they are owned and operated by corporations whose only goal is to sell products to consumers. Same with print media. We are constantly being manipulated everywhere we turn to put faith in their products, because we deserve them. What they really should be saying is “We deserve your money.”

You may argue that the vaccines are being given in some locations for free. Well, someone does have to pay the vaccine manufacturer, in this case Glaxo Smith Kline, and that would be the Government with your tax dollars. In fact GSK supply most of the vaccines on the current recommended New Zealand Immunization Schedule.

So what is in the Boostrix vaccine? Please go to the following websites for that information:

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Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)


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Hopefully this blog has inspired you to get the word out that vaccines and pregnant women do not mix.

Please do lots of research on this and all vaccines and refuse them until you are 100% certain you are doing the best thing for yourself or your children. It is, and should always be, your choice alone to have the vaccinations.